Botched copper theft causes Freon leak at Concord library

Botched copper theft causes Freon leak at Concord library
Oh sure, you think you have it bad because people keep stealing your DVDs. Anyone tried to steal your PIPES? A would-be copper thief trying to cut pipes from the Concord library caused a release of a cooling agent that prompted the building's closure over the weekend, authorities said.


Cities need to work on controlling the places you can sell scrap copper. Maybe take fingerprints of people selling scrap copper. Our city just had over $100,000 in damage to power line equipment because someone stole roughly $1000 worth of copper.

The damage caused by all these copper thefts is ridiculous.

The federal government should also allow people to melt down pre-1982 pennies. That would help get more copper on the market and bring the price down. Every penny that is pre-1982 has 2 cents of copper in it. One dollar in pennies is worth $2. If you have a huge jar of old pennies it is now worth twice as much. What would be nice is if you could sell them to a copper dealer.

Man loses arms and legs in copper theft

Video and full story at link.