Boring Books for reading

The Times has an article from February 11, 2009, by Alice Miles, "Look out, Kipper! These books are deadly! It's no wonder that our children don't enjoy reading. The first material they are given ticks boxes but dulls minds " ... In all schools, book space is under pressure from the march of the screen, just as reading for fun has been replaced with ICT. I recently worked in a school where six-year-olds, a computer apiece, were learning basic graphic design and creating fireworks on their computer screens, but I was told off by a teacher for spelling out “colour” for a boy who asked me. The teacher wanted to encourage the children to guess: ‘kl', wrote one girl. School libraries have been rebranded “learning resource centres”, their books shoved down one end of the room while computers take over the rest. The computers tend to be underused because of their controlled and anodyne content - rather, in fact, like the reading scheme books. Read more about it at:


Silly me, I thought you were talking about some of the "Classics" or Newbery Award winners....

The last boring book I read was on drilling holes for wells...

R. Lee Hadden (These are my own opinions!)

No colourful spelling, please.

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