Books vs. Kindle by way of High Fidelity: How will people know what you like?

After reading that Kindle made books worthless, one librarian wonders how the Kindle may affect social interactions and what to do with that extra space in your house.

Full pontification here


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maybe Kindle (iPhone, etc) can default to a screen...

after a period of inactivity that lists your downloaded books? and in the order of popularity... with those unread classics at the bottom and the vampire erotica at the top.

You are what you read?

One of the first things I do when invited to someone's home for the first time is to discreetly look around for books. Is this person a reader? What do they read? The answers to those two questions say a lot about that person. How will we do this if all of their books are in electronic format?

Oh no

Oh no, you cannot pry as easily into another person's life. What is the world coming to? Maybe you can find out what they are interested in and read by talking to them.

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