Books for Girls With a Health Message

Maybe you've seen those Dove ads that are attempting to teach young girls about real beauty in the current atmosphere of skinny models, skimpy clothes, trashy talk and racy behavior?

Well author Addie Swartz felt that something too was lacking in terms of books for pre-teen girls and so she started her series "The Beacon Street Girls" as an alternative to series like "Clique" and "Gossip Girl".

The stories, which revolve around five middle-school girls in Brookline, MA, are shaped by leading experts in adolescent development, with the goal of helping girls build self-esteem and coping skills. Topics include the problems of an overweight girl and cyber bullying. This month the series will launch its latest book, “Green Algae and Bubblegum Wars,” a novel aimed at encouraging girls in science. The book is the result of a collaboration with Sally Ride, an astronaut who was the first American woman to orbit Earth.

More about the series from the Science section of today's New York Times.


Whoo hoo... It is so about time!

All these trash talk YA/Teen titles are so inappropriate and encourage social retardation!

I applaud Addie Swartz.

Are the girls that need to read these books and learn from them actually going to read them?
With any scheme you'll always get a subgroup of say 11-14 year olds taking part but are they the ones that are the reason behind doing it in the first place.
At least these can get the next generation properly educated before they change.

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