Books with Flava: Street Lit in Libraries


Stay cool this summer with street lit...

Last fall four early career librarian-trainees from the Brooklyn and New York Public Libraries chose to investigate current public library practice in collecting and offering street lit to teens. They cannily developed a survey using and distributed it widely among youth materials and public library list serves. They collected and highlighted their findings in an article in School Library Journal (”What Librarians Say about Street Lit“) this past February, and presented a more ‘formal’ review to a packed-house panel at BookExpo America this past weekend. They shared their knock-out power point primer on the development of Street Lit as a genre and the results of their survey.

Thanks to Barbara Genco, Director of Collection Development for the Brooklyn Public Library for the link!


a quick check of our Nikki Turner books shows that at least 75% or all her titles are missing or stolen or never returned... Riding Dirty, Hustler's Wife, Forever a Hustler Wife, Nikki Turner Presents..., all gone.

how does a library build *and keep* a collection when everything walks? you say replace them: some copies go missing before they even circulate once. if thieves can't show the library enough respect to let us get some use out of the books before they steal them, then I won't replace them. if it goes out 20 times, then by all means, steal the damn thing because it needed replacing anyway.

I do agree with you....we had this problem with our Anime collection....I finally started shelving the empty cases with a note inside 'Gone Missing' 'Please Return if Found' Whoever was taking the items stopped after we put out 4 empty cases. But I also stopped buying high theft items. I figure in this community, people could just buy their own copies.

If it grows legs and walks...I don't replace it. When some asks if we have it...I tell them the truth "It has gone missing".

But I have a question... Doesn't the library use security detection strips and gates? We know who has checked out in our library and who hasn't.

"some copies go missing before they even circulate once." We have had this happen, so I wonder...Is this a staffing problem?


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