BookBrewer: Blog to eBook in Minutes


Interesting Idea: How it Works: Import posts from your site or blog, or copy/paste from a manuscript. Edit content and drag it into chapters, then congratulations ... you're an eBook author! Pay $89.99 to send your eBook to online stores with your ISBN or one we assign for free, or $199.99 to get an ePub file to do with as you wish.


Those companies you are talking about do publish on demand print books. What bookbrewer does is create an e-book but provides many formats including Kindle, Sony Reader, etc. They are partnering with Borders, so this is going to have a little more to it than just printing out a blog in paper book form.

BookBrewer does not pay their writers. I have been trying to get paid for my e:book 60+Questions for 3 years now.

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