Book challenges decreasing? Perhaps...

An interesting story came through my in-box the other day and I wanted to pass it along. It has to do with the number of books that are contested in local libraries, and how these requests are handled. According to this article, the number of books that are requested to pull from the shelves has been going down recently. The library in question, the Marathon County Public Library, requests that patrons fill out a form to contest a title and then the requests are reviewed by a committee, fairly straight forward, right? Well, it would seem that this method has either engendered a sense of respect for the rights of people who hold different views, or the people who chronically complain about books have gotten tired of being rejected because the number of requests in this community has dropped greatly since 2006.

My favorite quote from the article:

“Nationwide, the number of cases in which a book was removed has declined over time, said Judith Krug, director of the American Library Association's office of intellectual freedom. “

Further Reading:

The ALA's list of most frequently challenged books for 2007

The ALA checklist for dealing with book challenges

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The system was appending an HTML tag to the end of the link. I had to reformat it to fix the problem - it should work now. thanks again for bringing it to my attention.

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