Bonus Miles for RIF Donation

Getting a corporate sponsor for your program is always helpful. US Airways has become the official airline partner of "Reading is Fundamental," and will donate bonus miles for donations to the RIF. "US Airways, the official airline partner of Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), invites you to support RIF's mission to help children discover the joy of reading. That's why if you donate $25 to RIF, we'll give you a gift - the children's book "Off You Go, Maisy!" For a donation of $50 to $250, we'll reward you with the book and bonus miles!" <a href="">Read more about it</a>.


It's just a shame the "Off you go, Maisy!" is a story about a mouse who loses her library job when the local government cuts the budget.

Eventually, she ends up living in her cousin's basement, updating Twitter and Facebook pages for "celebrities" like Dustin Diamond.

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