Godfrey Dewey?

I guess I was too skeeved at the rumours that he asked that women who applied to his library school to submit their measurements and eye colour to notice this before, but:

Melvil Dewey had a son. And was married twice. (Well, he didn't have the son out of wedlock. Actually, he didn't have the son ... his first wife did. Name of Anne.)

I guess I was hoping that the "Father of Modern Librarianship" was a metaphorical status.

Le Grand Jacques

Just returned from a lovely short trip to Brussels and Amsterdam. Any other Jacques Brel fans out there? They worship him and his wonderful, complex "paroles"; no American singer/composer really compares. I sang an adaption of "Quand on n'a que l'amour" for friends--even though I'm not exactly a musician, they loved it. Amsterdam is delightful. Despite the pouring rain, they're riding their bikes, loaded up with one or two kids, parcels and umbrellas.

Offtopic: First snow of the year in Vancouver, WA

We moved to the PacNW to get away from the hot/cold extremes of Philadelphia, and we didn't expect to see much winter snow here either (Vancouver, WA), just rain. Well, the weather people predicted rain, rain, rain today, but the weather turned a little colder. We posted a few pics to our personal website at My daughter can't wait to get out into it before it melts.

A new source for office toys

OK, I've gone through ThinkGeek,, and Archie McPhee. But now, in the low-rent office toy category is American Science & Surplus.

It even has the drinking bird!!! OMG. Even if I don't buy anything, I could easily waste a half a day just browsing through all the categories!

How the SPAM is being generated

So, I just received two SPAM messages, and the subject lines for both started with:

Re: %RND_UC_CHAR[2-8],

So, somebody's perl isn't quite up to snuff in their random email subject generation subroutine.

"Metadata is stored in the DIVA document format"

This month's D-Lib has an article on the DiVA Project. The name is reason enough for me to want to know more.

Have you attended Mid-Winter? C'mere ...

I have reg'ed and I've bought my plane tickets and I'm *this* close to formally requesting the time off work. But I haven't found a hotel room yet. All of the ALA hotels within walking distance are booked. And I've been too overwhelmed with other things to start looking off the beaten track yet. But there's one thing I need to know:

How is the social life at Mid-Winter?

Updating website

Well, I spent most of the afternoon tweaking my website. Mainly colors, content, and some image adjustments. I originally used a flash menu because it was fun, but just try to get flash to work properly under linux. Tried, tried, tried.

Least common denominator is best.

The Numbers Game

Slashcode comes with a nifty little stats area that spits out some interesting graphs. I'd love to be able to make them all public, but I fear the added load the scripts would add, so I'll try and post some of them here from time to time.
This all deal with moderation and comments for the past few months.

Tired of all these IM clients

I really, really like Jabber (open source IM client), but I still have to open the others (AOL, MSN, etc.) when there are incompatibility problems. I still don't get it. Why do these companies not come to an agreement on a standard? Focus on getting subscribers by value-added features. I'm tired of it all. I'm going to delete these other clients and just stick to Jabber until the world determines the best way to implement the whole thing.


Art Carney died yesterday, may he rest in peace.
A friends comment upon hearing of his death --
"I'm surprised he was still alive." I think Art would've chuckled at that.

I am Dewey

Yesterday's Overdue strip is all about me. In so many ways, I can barely keep track.

I'm responsible for tabulating the statistics every month in my library, but there's also the

  • pedantic,
  • sarcastic,
  • and coffee

going with it.

Makes Adsense to Me!

I've been stealthily running Google Ads on the old LISNews pages (e.g. here or Here for about a month now, just to see what happens.

Anybody got a stamp?--counting our blessings

I just returned from a training session for an ALA/National Video Resources grant program in Oakland, CA where 25 librarians and their 25 partner/scholars got tips and support for a new video/discusssion program on the Sixties. It's always good to get out of the home office and see what's going on in the larger world, but it was pretty stunning to talk to folks in different situations.

A LISNews success story

Hey journal readers!

I have great news, last month I accepted a full time position as a librarian for a library vendor. When it came time to give a presentation as part of the interview process, I decided to use my LIS article I had authored on Library Advocacy! The feedback from the topic and presentation was great. The audience found the topic unique and interesting, a welcomed break from the the usual fare of search strategies for the world wide web.

Thanks LIS News and LIS news readers for being a great sounding board!

Yes! We are Having no Wires!

The techs are here testing our wireless hub. I'm not sure when it's supposed to be installed, but when it does, the whole building should be a hotspot, and they'll be installing ethernet ports in the study rooms with wireless boxes behind them. This should be very exciting!

Dissatisfied with your search results? Help us improve.

Am I the only one that uses that "Dissatisfied with your search results? Help us improve." link on the first page of Google search results? I find myself strangely motivated to tell them what's wrong with the really bad search results. I also find myself being disappointed more often than not lately. I wonder how many of those they read?

Back In The Saddle

I just lost 5 hours and about 60 degrees going from Hawaii to Buffalo. So I'm back, the pain in my wrists is gone, my skin is tan, and I seem to be able to remember all my important passwords, so I should be back up to speed in no time.

LISNews/LISHost held up pretty well thanks to Joe, Aaron, and everyone who let them know it was down.

Thanks to all the authors, the stories kept flowing. I've always dreamed of the day LISNews ran itself, it seems we've reached that point!

Man, I so want some gear.

In fact, I would almost kill for a Cluelessness
poster. Of course, it would have to be for home. It's not exactly appropriate for work, even if that's the way I feel some days.

RedHat update

RedHat seems to be performing pretty well. Had to do some funky reconfiguration, as the system kept mis-identifying my network card. All's happy now. I just need to get some addtional software to make it complete, although you would be amazed at all the software that comes with the basic install, all open-source. If anyone has an extra PC lying around, it would be worth your time to try out one of the linux flavors. It's a nice change of pace from Windows.


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