RedHat update

RedHat seems to be performing pretty well. Had to do some funky reconfiguration, as the system kept mis-identifying my network card. All's happy now. I just need to get some addtional software to make it complete, although you would be amazed at all the software that comes with the basic install, all open-source. If anyone has an extra PC lying around, it would be worth your time to try out one of the linux flavors. It's a nice change of pace from Windows.

The Myth of Patron Confidentiality

Actually, it's not a myth, mostly. Unless you actually work in a library.

The other day, I requested a book transfered from another library in the university system to my library. The usual sort of thing. Now, this means that everybody in the circulation area (which for us is the whole library) knows that I want this book. Of course, it was Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things, which looks at classification, and the creation of categories from a cognitive science basis, so it's not very concerning.

Shall we - blog - (da da dum)?

Shall I or shan't I? I found myself asking my college-aged son about the pros and cons of blogging. When/if he gets back to me (not that I'm waiting for his approval), you may/may not hear from me again! ps - don't hold your breath folks.

A Very Brief RefGrunt

The Internet is down.
I'm sorry. The Internet is down.
Due to the power outage downtown, we don't have Internet access.
As it says on the sign, the Internet is down.
The Internet is still down.
The computers are up, and Internet is available, but spotty, and the catalog is still down.
"Oh, I don't need that. I just need my e-mail."
You've never heard of a RefGrunt?


Things I have learned this week:
I can live quite well without computers.
Everyone wants to sell you something in Hawaii.
People from all over the world say "ya know what I'm sayin?"
12 hours on a tour bus is about 8 hours too many.
I know what a humuhumunukunukuapuaa looks like up close.
12 hours on a plane is about 8 hours too many.
Dail up internet ain't so bad.
I'm broke.

I'll be back in a week. Thanks for a great 4 years, and for a great Blake-Free week.

ERIC is dead

Well, not dead yet; it's got a month or so to go. This just came from the education librarian:

Hi, all - like the sad news of the passing of an old friend, I understand
that the ERIC Clearinghouses have been given a deadline of December 19,
2003, to close all Web sites (including AskERIC) and disconnect all e-mail
addresses that make use of the name "ERIC", and all toll-free phone numbers.

RSS feeds not updated

The RSS feeds don't seem to have been updated since Wednesday. The last new story was the one about West Palm Library. I tried the articles*, index*, and lisnewscom* feeds.

This just in: lisnews.rss seems to be up-to-date.


On Hat Day, nearly everyone wore hats, so I felt confident that I wouldn't be the only one in costume on Halloween. WRONG. Here I am, walking around in full cowboy garb -- I even made myself a sheriff's badge with my nametag on it -- and nobody else dressed up!
Hi! I'm Karl and I'll be your library dork today.

This just in....

I just had a patron call me "babe" and "hon" in the same telephone call. Welcome to Tulsa!

RedHat Linux Install Today

Trying my first install of RedHat on my old desktop today. Verifying the ISO install files now. I've used linux/unix many times, never installed. Cross those fingers.

Another One Bites the Dust

"Preferred Customers" of our largest local bookstore, Novel Idea, received a letter last night inviting us to a special early opportunity to get in on their big clearance sale. They are closing down both locations, selling "to the bare walls" as the saying goes, fixtures and all.

obligatory post

well, I used to have an account here, and then it disappeared... I can only imagine because of lack of use. Perhaps if I put some data somewhere, that won't happen again. (pity though; I miss my low user number...)

A Generic Cataloguing Research Paper

I wrote this when I was doing an independent study paper in cataloging for my masters.

Faculty politics redux

Just so you know, I hate them. And they're not getting any better

Which version of RSS to use?

Hi, all.

I've got a Web page where I track news articles on a certain subject. I've set up an RSS feed to go with it. All I really need for each item is a headline, link, paper and date (which can go in description), and the date I posted it (pubdate). It looks like RSS 2.0 will do everything I need. But I notice some of the cool kids use RSS 1.0 (which is actually more complicated that 2.0, but that's another whole megilla).

The Hat Thing

Today we're having a staff potluck, and our social committee declared it "Hat Day". Everyone is supposed to wear a hat.

Review: Fables

The members of fairy tales have been evicted from the homes, and now live in New York city. They have their own government, their own powers, and they live among the humans without being noticed. Things go wrong when Rose Red is murdered, and it's up to the Wolf (as in Big, Bad) to determine who did it.

Recommended to older teens and adults. There's one sex scene (a sheet covers the nudity)and some references to sex.

Review: Inside Out by Trueman

Zach can't tell the difference between what's real and what's only in his head because Zach has schizophrenia. While waiting for his mom (and his medications) at the donut shop, two teens with guns try to rob the store. What happens while Zach and the other shoppers are hostages isn't nearly as bad as what's going on inside Zach's head.

Excellent book, told from Zach's point of view.

Sunday Night Research

Taking a time out from research on a Sunday eve (Pete Yorn and Robert Cray setting the pace of searching tonight). Looking up topics for some upcoming writing projects, and still contemplating a book proposal. Why? Who knows, but it sounds like a good idea after this last cup of coffee.

Carrie's Special Day

The wedding went well, and we're off to Hawaii until November 8!

Blake And Carrie And Crew

Thanks again to everyone who found that song for us, and to everyone who wished us well.


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