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St. Nicholas Rocks

Wednesday December 6th is the big day for the guy in red for millions of
people around the world, as St. Nicholas Day is celebrated. It turns out
that Nicholas, a.k.a. “Santa,� is from Turkey!

The Saint Nicholas Center,,
is certainly the Virgin Mother-in-Law of all Nicholas sites, with
excellent historical, cultural, and artistic resources, including a kids
section. A must for any internet stocking.
The second-best site in the English speaking realm for information on the
origin and evolution of “Saint Nicholas, Sinterklaas, Santa Claus� in the
historical record and popular imagination.

The American Antiquarian Society has a fantastic online exhibit of the
transformation and history of St. Nick, and Christmas in general, in the
United States, with images of many rare and famous book covers and

Did you know that Rev. Clement Moore LIED about the authorship of “The
Night Before Christmas?� One Henry Livingston was the actual author, and
you can read excerpts from the Don Foster book which proved this, here:

The site also has a page of evidence for this literary hoax the Clement
foisted upon a zillion editions of that poem. It has news articles from
when this fraud was uncovered, as well as poetry by Livingston and Moore
for students to decide for themselves.

It turns out that Livingston was the first person in the 13 Colonies to
use the politically-incorrect phrase “Happy Christmas,�in a letter to his
future wife in 1773:

Another urban myth refuted: The modern image of Santa Claus — a jolly
figure in a red-and-white suit — was created by Coca-Cola?

Speaking of “The Real Thing,� this site got permission from Coke to post many of the Santa
advertisements which have appeared in the last 75 years.

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!
Walter Skold, for The ASLAN Society.

I'm not Walt!

Walt was right -- I'm not him!

I do not use my last name when I can help it. I like to be Googled about as well as the next guy. I don't mind if folks call me Walt, but I'll stick with Walter in the library world.

Librarians for Fairness Respond

I received a reply from Librarians for Fairness, which I have blogged and am posting here.

Hi Walter:

Rothstein & Memsic is the design company that was given the job of creating and registering our website. It also designed the LfF logo and submitted it to us for approval. Our dealings with that company were only about the LfF website and logo. Contrary to what a LISnews poster recently asserted, we are not a front group for any entity or company. We are simply an organization of librarians.

The group of librarians who founded LfF did approach Stand With Us for sponsorship. Stand With Us agreed to do so and we are affiliated with it. A growing number of our librarian-members have the access code for the posting of articles on the website, which they continue to do. Librarian-members also pick the list of links from our website to others. The LfF librarians who do not have our website access code can and do recommend items to be added.

Sincerely yours,
Andy for LfF

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