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manga giveaway

I'm giving away some manga! Details on my blog.

Want Some Manga?

I'm giving away some first volumes of manga, see my blog for details.

Wiki gradually developing

You can see a few pages where some content is being added to the Comics4Libraries Wiki.

The manga page has a few individual reviews and links to other review sources on the web.
Autobiographical and Non-Fiction comics has more links, as does the Newspaper Comics section

New Wiki!!!!

I've set up a Wiki designed to collect lists and reviews of comics recommended for libraries. Check it out, let me know if you have any suggestions, and feel free to register for an account and start adding your own reviews!

Comics4Libraries Wiki

Shoe DON'T read this

Hi Everybody,

I think everyone knows that lisnews' Shoe is having some problems with her health. I was thinking it would be nice if a bunch of us got together and sent her a little something. I have a couple ideas, but we could collectively get together over e-mail and come up with a final plan. I think that if several of us chipped in around 3-5 dollars (which hopefully we would be able to manage even on librarian salaries) we could get her something Very Cool.

everyone else is doing it

1. Owns a cat(s)?
No, I'm allergic.

2. Drives small sensible, economical car?
Honda V6

3. Wears comfortable, sensible shoes?
Fluevogs rule!

4. Reads constantly?
Majored in English, so yes.

5. Never goes out?
I like to relax at home.

6. Sexually inexperienced?
You don't need to know ;)

7. Friends are all librarians?
Many of my friends are.

no moderation

I can't moderate! I have a gajillion moderator points and no comments out there to mod...it doesn't really matter to me but I think that this is one area where the Slashcode doesn't scale as well to a smaller number of users. With fewer people using the site, there are less flamewars/comments, hence less work for those who would be happy to moderate if they were so inclined.



I'm probably not going to be using this journal feature at lisnews very much. You can catch my thoughts at my own site.

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