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LISTen Producer At Computer

To whom it may concern;

I am mrsnicelunchlady which is a title given me by children before I finished my degree in education. Yes. Folks I am a licensed teacher in Ohio and the producer of LISTen. I was the publisher for the bulletin also. We opted to go with the less slick print job in order to get more copies in the hands of people so we could get feedback. My e-mail was given for this purpose. I am sure you all remember from elementary school report cards that page of N or S where S is satisfactory and N is needs work. The teacher in me would give librarians a big N in the follows directions category. If you have a comment or problem tell it to the person that could possibly do something about it rather than Blake or Stephen in terms of the Bulletin. Second hand information is open to interpretation and generally sucks as gossip.

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