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Okay this is a recruiting post. I no longer work in public libraries and have gone to "the dark side". However I am aware that many of my fellow Librarians are looking for work and are open to opportunities other than the Public/Academic field.

My company is hiring for several positions. These do require a technical background as well or at least a technical aptitude. Two positions, however do not.

There is a must like Winter as the company is in New York state.

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Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America

Yup "Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America: A Field Guide to Identification" is a real book. You can read about it, and other unusal titles here:

This is one of the reasons why I like being a librarian. Who would have thunk?

What the He*L was I thinking?

Those of you who are public librarians, do you ever second guess your decision? Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I chose do go into public librarianship. I want to help people but sometimes.....

My husband just informed me he accepted a bet with his boss that he could put his tongue on a hot rotor for 20 seconds. If he won he would get free lunch for everyone. He "only" made it for 10 seconds. I am not sure how to take this information (other than I wonder if somebody hid some beer in a trash can at his place of employment and maybe everyone has been drinking since 7 am) I guess since we both chose low paying professions he is now so desparate for food he is willing to burn his tongue right out of his skull.

So I chose a profession where I make less than an assistant manager at Target (although I am sure that isn't all fun either) and I observe all kinds of oddball behavior all day, every day such as: the possible drug transaction in the lobby, the messes in the bathrooms (enough said) kids coming in on roller blades and skateboards, patrons who want you to (choose one or several if you wish) set up an email account for them, give tax advice, do their taxes for them, show you their surgical incisions and ask you if it is infected, tell you about their divorce, problems with dating, their mother, brother, sister, dad, mother in law and how nuts they are, finish a transaction on Ebay, Amazon (choose your retailer) fill out an online form for benefits, burn a disc for them, bring DVDs to their home (they just had surgery you know and do not understand we are not NetFlix) give them a hug, (really happened to me several times) and one of my personal favorites the patron who called me up asking if we offered typing tutor programs. She wanted to find a program for her kids since they couldn't use the computer very well. She figured learning to type would help. Turned out her "kids" were 33 and 27 years old.

I am doing a good thing being a librarian right? Now if I can find a way to prevent my family members from taking silly bets....

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