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Favorite Books of the Year... Everywhere

"What are your favorite books from 2012?" Tis the season when this question starts firing up libraryland and produces massive amounts of list serv posts with you-absolutely-have-to-read-this-book
recommendations. This topic is also an easy way for business, science and other non-library type of publications and websites to reach out to readers. (I find that many of the books that top these lists are more obscure titles that are not on the best seller lists, but that's whole other post.)

Have you ever contributed to one of these lists? Do you use any of these lists for your own personal reading recommendations? If so, which ones?

Amazon Anticipation

Leading up to the probable announcement next week of a new Kindle Fire and Kindle e-reader, Amazon is teasing us with some never before released information about their products and services. The company, who says their Kindle Fire tablet is sold out, claims their small tab is responsible for 22% of U.S. tablet sales. This translates to an estimated 6.1 million devices flying off of the shelves since it's debut last November. Amazon has also released some information on their Amazon Prime service, including the top four items ordered with Prime, the most watched movie and TV show in the Prime Instant Video Catalog, and the number of books in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

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