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The library at Schipol Airport in the Netherlands

Recently went through Schipol Airport and had a chance to visit the little library that was mentioned in a LISNews article last year. Really nice when you're stuck for something to do (besides buying tulips or chocolate!)
Here are photos that my husband took with his iPhone:

Hello! fdfabaa interesting fdfabaa site! ...what does THIS mean?

Blake's subtitle, which gave me a chuckle this morning, is a reflection of the work involved in maintaining this blog. It's not backbreaking work, but it's work, and it's constant and continuing. Here's a brief glance at some of the work we do...on a volunteer basis. For the love of libraries.

We have spammers who submit articles entitled "fdfabaa interesting site" and as you can imagine, some are much worse. Their 'contributions' must be eliminated on a daily basis.

We have readers, authors and commentators who sometimes write before they think, or write something for the purpose of diminishing others. They need to be kept in line. Now behave!

We have submitters whose articles are most welcome. They contribute new voices to this collaborative blog and make it better in doing so. Their contributions will occasionally need rewriting, editing or fact-checking.

Speaking of editing and fact-checking, we are a collaborative blog without editors. We do our best to edit our own and each others contributions, but occasionally we miss something. We occasionally repeat a story. We try to correct misinformation as soon as we can. Please have patience. We are not the New York Times, although at least one of us is a Gray Lady (me). -- Read More

Who the Heck is This Birdie Person?

I love contributing to LISNews, it's sort of my hobby (would-be journalist) and Blake is the best to work with.

If you want to find out a bit more about me and my business In My Book (great for the Friends of the Library Shop )
you might want to listen to my recent radio interview on WOR-AM (13 minutes more or less):

It's Book Bloggers Appreciation Week, and You Are Appreciated

International giveaway at Beth Fish Reads...eight In My Book® cards...anywhere in the world

Enter this week, contest ends Monday September 20.

LISNews In the Forefront of Journalism

Saw "How to Open a New Book" in Boing Boing today...

via the "submitterater"

Link: (posted here on September 1; I found this on a facebook post by the Dusty Bookshelf)

What's with the Cranberry Banner Blake?

{this text is too short} Is it just for a change of pace?

Thought for the Day


A couple of months in the laboratory can save a couple of hours in the library. -Frank H. Westheimer, chemistry professor (1912-2007)

New York Times Roulette

Fun app to get to a random NYT news article from the last 24 hours. And from the same person, a random hit on the U.K.'s Guardian website.

Five signs you're part of an internet fad

Don't think the birdie qualifies... :-( ...not to mention, my blog entry is too short (Blake)

Tremendous News.

Life Under Don't Ask Don't Tell

A retired Navy captain tells about her life in the military under "Don't Ask Don't Tell"...interesting reading, and proof that this policy should be retracted. CNN.

Laura Bush's New Book (Not)

spoof, satire, completely inappropriate but funny story about Laura's new (not) book...from Glossy News, 'The Pleasures of Masturbation'.

Where Have All the Bookstores Gone?

Opinion from Alex Beam, who assumes the title of 'the perfect hypocrite' in relation to how our world is becoming more and more virtual and the places and things we love are disappearing.

I am the perfect hypocrite. I propagandize tirelessly for libraries, and I've railed in this space against what one blogger calls the "Googleization of America." But just a few days ago, while cooling my heels waiting for the Minuteman Library Network to deliver my copy of Garry Wills's 1991 "Under God," I wondered: "Is it available on Google Books?"

Keystroke keystroke keystroke, yes, it was available. I didn't need the whole book, I wanted only to read the 10 pages devoted to Julia Ward Howe's use of the Book of Revelation in composing the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

I searched for "Howe" - voila! That was easy. No waiting, no putting on snow boots, no fumbling for my library card. Google Books 1; libraries - well, you get the point.

You behave normally, and you kill the things you love. Whatever happened to video stores? There used to be four or five within biking distance of my house, and now there is one, and it's one you wish hadn't survived: Blockbuster. Yes, of course I use Netflix - who doesn't? Whatever happened to Tower Records? That was a fun a place to hang out. Hanging out on its Web site isn't so much fun. And so on.

As for newspapers, our epitaph will read, "Loved to Death: Everyone Read Them, No One Paid for Them." Talk about unintended consequences.

Gael Greene

Gael Greene was dismissed from her job at New York Magazine after forty years as restaurant critic there. A has-been or just another product of the rotten economy?

She has lead a pretty interesting life, including affairs with Elvis (the Elvis) and others. I never knew...

Undecided Voters

From the New Yorker: David Sedaris writes: "Don’t know that it was always this way, but, for as long as I can remember, just as we move into the final weeks of the Presidential campaign the focus shifts to the undecided voters. “Who are they?” the news anchors ask. “And how might they determine the outcome of this election?” Sooo funny and right on.

Angelina Jolie

Can we still call Angelina Jolie a skank? I think maybe, an ex-skank?

New York Times article about the actress

This guy's got legos

We may be bidding farewell to Yankee Stadium, but there is a new (old) Yankee Stadium emerging: LEGO artist Sean Kenney, along with help from a grade schooler, has been working on a replica of the stadium for the past few years. He writes, "It will be complete in the next few months; these preview photos give you an in-progress look at the sculpture"...from Gothamist.

5150 TMNK

Cool, caring young New York artist, the me nobody knows...and his flickr page.

Disney has become a plague on America

I am so bummed. I used to love Disney cartoons and movies. I watched Bambi with my children and cried. Mickey cleaning up that crazy whirlwind of leaves in the backyard. Now I think the company (minus Walt and Roy) present some of the worst characteristics of this country to the world.

Like this. Ok, some hot sh-t teenager, Miley Cyrus, posed semi-nude for Annie Liebovitz, a brilliant and certainly artistic photographer, and now she regrets showing parts of her body, probably because Disney told her to say so. The "parts" incidentally, were her back and her arm, as shown here.

Arrggh. Corporate culture trumps art.

Plant a Billion Trees

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