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Weatherforecasters:1, Me: 2

So everyone who I said BS to about the winter storm has let it known that YES it did actually snow and that I was WRONG, save your texts for something else please.

Thank you very much for pointing out the obvious. I still do not trust weather forecasters any more than I previously did.

So yeah, mark one up to them, but then again, who didn't have to go into work today, not them. Who also got paid to stay home today - ME. Game, set, match.

The attached pic what I would call "false advertising." Biology is nowhere near as fun as a snowball fight with a monkey, that's why I took Geology to fulfill my last science requirement.

On a final note, I really do not need 24 hour local news coverage on the winter storm. I know its cold outside, I know there's a lot of snow, I know it's best if I stay home. I'd rather be subjected to infomercials for Snuggies than live feeds of the the barren highways.

Milk, Bread, Books...

Seems like today's conversation is about the impending snow storm.

All of my coworkers keep going on and on about how much we're expecting and how bad it's going to be.

Then you have a rush of elderly patrons who are stocking up on books like we're giving them by the armfuls for free... okay, so they are "free" to a certain extent but still. It's really not that big of a deal. Weather forecasters have let me down numerous times when I was in grade school. I spent so many nights going to bed expecting not to have to go to school the following day. Only to have my hopes dashed away because the "jetstream" changed its course unexpectedly.

Over a foot of snow you say? --- I say "BS."

Don't get me wrong, I have no objections to being snowed in for a few days with a big box of Popeyes chicken and the warm glow of my big screen, playing MW2 to keep me warm. But I'll believe when I see it.

The Last Supper

So last week we had our annual office holiday party. It was a potluck event, so I brought my usual drinks. I actually like the majority of my coworkers and would not subject them to my cooking skills or lack thereof.

Unlike last year, we had the full 2 hours to enjoy eachothers company with out any worries of work. Not this year. The first hour we grubbed and the second hour was reserved to sadden and depress everyone. The branch manager gave us a recap of the lastest manager's meetings and the budget talks. Which pretty much amounted to nothing, since one cannot say for certainty what the budget cuts will bring until they take place. But she pretty much said that A LOT of people will be cut. Seeing as how they will be doing it on seniority and a lot of my coworkers have been with the library system since the Stone Age aka Card Stamp days, I really do not think I will have this position in a couple of months.

The managers tried to assuage everyone's fears, saying that there's always a chance the library will be spared a double digit cut, but we all know that won't happen. Reminded me of a line in "Dumb and Dumber":

Me: What do you think the chances are of an employee like me and an employer like you... still working together next year?
Library: Well, Bibliotecher, that's difficult to say. I mean, we don't really...
Me: Hit me with it! Just give it to me straight! I've worked really hard, Library. The least you can do is level with me. What are my chances? -- Read More

I Live My Life One Due Date at a Time...

Not too long ago I was really into the import scene. For those unfamiliar, it was "those bunch of kids" with lowered Honda's with loud exhausts, and big rims. Then Hollywood caught wind of it, chewed it up, and spit out its mainstream loogey in the form of "The Fast and the Furious." There's one infamous line where Vin Diesel says he "lives one quarter mile at a time."

For those unfamiliar a quarter mile AKA 1320 (feet) is the length of a drag strip. That horrid line has been embedded in my mind and I have my own library equivalent, "I live my life one check out at a time." Sure its typically three weeks in the future but even the patrons relate to it. A lot of patrons will make comments about how their return date falls on their birthday or some other significant event, or they make a comment about how time flies.

So here's to a Happy New Year to all!

Down with Romance Novels

I despise romance novels. You know the ones where the cover art has some shirtless Fabio looking flamer holding some half dressed floozy in his arms, preferably over some cliff looking over the ocean, both of their hair is windswept, and its usually depicted during a sunset. Yes, those horrible books. But my hatred is not just reserved for those outlandish titles alone, Nicholas Sparks I'm looking your way---Damn you and your Notebook. I blame these so-called "romance" novels for the high failure rate of marriages/relationships in this country.

Its not that I don't believe in love or romance but I think these books put an extraordinary extraterrestrial-high level of standards that girls expect their boyfriends/spouses to live up to. I really don't think that these books preach the morals and virtues of what love really is anyways.
Case in point, have you ever read any of the titles of these books? They've become quite the topic of discussion at work whenever we come across them. Its like MadLibs for trashy books: "The [insert adjective] woman finds true love with a [insert foreign ethnicity] millionaire and move away to [insert exotic location]."
Really, these types of books are cookie cutter stories. They're all the same, once you've read A Scandalous Mistress I really don't see the need to read His Lady Mistress. Take one lonely, loveless woman, one rich bastard, and an exotic locale and there you go. -- Read More

New Kid on the Block.

I'm completely new to this LIS website and have no idea what I am doing. So I'm just going to copy and paste all of my previous blog entries here for the heck of it.

Not In My Job Description...

I get to work this morning to see a plow truck clearing up the parking lot. The back entrance wasn't plowed so I walked around to the front of the building. I'm greeted at the door by a coworker who asks if I'm up for sanding the front entrance and bookdrop. Sure, why not, wouldn't want any of my older coworkers to slip and fall.

There were two people actually waiting at the door for it to open at 10. Started off the day with the bare minimum staff, 3 info and 3 circ. The first patron I helped on the desk remarked how surprised she was that we showed up. On her way out she turned around and said "thank you."
And they say libraries are "nonessential." Tell that to all of the patrons who came in today. I'll have to take a look at the circulation numbers tomorrow.

You can't say libraries aren't necessary, especially during times like this when more people flock to them.

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