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I need some help here. Read this line from the sales description of a Seiko watch. Water-resistant to 30 meters, this watch can handle splashes of water or rain, but it should not be worn while swimming or diving. It has a battery life of five years.

California Lighthouses

I was thumbing through this book tonight. Very interesting. California Lighthouse Life in the 1920s and 1930s

2005 Lakeside Classic

For those who know what they are the 2005 edition of the Lakeside Classics is out. Additional details can be found at

Laughing Lemur

I entered some photos in the Laughing Lemur contest that is being held for the book Ambient Findability. Here are some of the pictures I submitted:

NetFlix Settlement

If you are a NetFlix subscriber you received an email discussing a class action lawsuit settlement.

CNet story.

The lawyers in the case are getting over 2.5 million dollars. If enough NetFlix subscribers opt out of the class action the settlement will not go through. Details on how to opt out can be found here.

Calvin and Hobbes

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes a three volume, slip-cased, hardback set is now out. If I had more money several of my friends would be getting this for Christmas.

Reference Question

A friend asked me this question. Anybody know the answer?
Bibliofuture - I have a friend at work who says that quite some time back he was browsing the web and found a map that showed a US Map and it showed a sort of overlay of various maladies and ailments and the percentage of cases for each of the major ones. He said it was interesting to see all the midwest and the diseases caused by pesticides and so on. I did a quick search for it and was unable to find it. Think you might be able to put your massive resources to use for me? This sounds like a cool map to see.

Photo that would be great book cover.

Photo that would be great book cover. If the book was a murder mystery or a sci-fi murder mystery.


Bush Urges Conservation as Retail Gas Prices Rise

There is an article in the New York Times with the title Bush Urges Conservation as Retail Gas Prices Rise

This means it might be a good idea for you to park your Hummer, Yukon, Denali, Armada, Navigator,Expedition, Explorer or anything else named after a mountain or fleet of ships.

Amazon Oddity


Someone sent me this email about a post I made in my journal that contained two poems by Ted Kooser. (U.S. Poet Laureate)
I feel uncomfortable with your publishing two complete poems of Ted
Kooser's on lisnews unless he has given you copyright clearance? Maybe
link to the poems he chooses to publish on his own website?


I took a picture of this mailbox near Union, Nebraska.


Some photos at Flickr. Most of the pictures are of a former Carnegie library in St. Louis. For the last number of years it was a book storage facility for the schools and currently it has been purchased by an artist to use as a studio. The library was the Divoll Branch (named after the founder of the St. louis library) currently there is a new Divoll branch because the building shown has been a book depository for at least a decade.

Netflix and Libraries

Commentary and idea about Netflix and Libraries at < a href=""> Both positive and negative feedback is sought.

Philadelphia Campaign

The Philadelphia Campaign, 1777-1778
American fortunes were at a low point in the winter of 1777-78. The British had beaten the Continental Army at Brandywine and Germantown, seized the colonial capital of Philadelphia, and driven Washington's soldiers into barren Valley Forge. But, as Stephen Taaffe reveals, the Philadelphia Campaign marked a turning point in the American Revolution despite these setbacks.

Occurring in the middle of the war in the heart of the colonies, this key but overlooked campaign dwarfed all others in the war in terms of numbers of combatants involved, battles fought, and casualties sustained. For the first time, British and American armies engaged out in the open on relatively equal terms. Although the British won all the major battles, they were unable to crush the rebellion.

Taaffe presents a new narrative history of this campaign that took place not only in the hills and woods surrounding Philadelphia, but also in east central New Jersey and along the Delaware River. He uses the campaign to analyze British and American strategies, evaluate Washington's leadership, and assess the role of subordinate officers such as Nathanael Greene and Anthony Wayne. He also offers new insights into eighteenth-century warfare and shows how Washington transcended traditional military thinking to fashion a strategy that accommodated American social, political, and economic realities.

During this campaign Washington came into his own as a commander of colonial forces and an astute military strategist, and Taaffe demonstrates that Washington used the fighting around Philadelphia as a proving ground for strategies that he applied later in the war. Taaffe also scrutinizes Washington's relationship with the militia, whose failure to carry out its missions contributed to the general's problems.

Still, by enduring their losses and continuing to fight, the Americans exacted a heavy toll on Britain's resources, helped to convince France to enter the war, and put the redcoats on the defensive. As Taaffe shows, far from being inconclusive, the Philadelphia Campaign contributed more to American victory than the colonists recognized at the time.


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