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Liberty Dollars

I saw a press release at the U.S. Mint website that I found interesting. Liberty Dollars Not Legal Tender, United States Mint Warns Consumers
The website for the Liberty Dollar is here.

Interesting book on Leadership

Came across this book and I found it very interesting. Never Rule Without a Magician, a Sage And a Fool

Mac Spoof #2

Have you seen the Mac commercials on TV that have one person being a PC and the other a Mac? The PC is dressed very business like and the Mac is dressed hip. There is a series of great spoofs on these ads.
You can see them here.

Mac Commercials

Spoof of current Mac commercials.

Commercial Update

I posted a Packard Bell commercial to YouTube. The commercial caused some controversy in the library world some years back. The commercial was mentioned on LISNEWS and got about 500 hits in a couple of days. The views climbed little by little over three weeks up around 580. Then overnight the views jumped to over 3,000. Someone must be passing the link around. In case you did not see the commercial before here is the link.

Reccomended Reading

Recommended Reading about libraries, books, and information.I am looking to add to this list. Book suggestions are welcome.

$150 pricing error

Libraries vs. Computers (circa 1996)

In 1996 Packard Bell ran a commercial that showed libraries as dark dreary places and suggested you access information from home on a Packard Bell computer. Librarians reacted strongly to the commercial and Packard Bell reworked the ad and removed the library scenes. You can see the commercial here with the library scenes. Commentary on the commercial can be found here.

Grand Theft Auto / Coke Commercial

If you have not seen it already the Grand Theft Auto Coke commercial is worth seeing.

Conflict Diamonds

I saw the movie "Lord of War" this weekend. Conflict diamonds play a role in the story line. Here is an interesting flash animation from Amnesty International. I like how the music from the popular diamond ads is used.

Thursday's Book

Atomic Narratives and American Youth: Coming of Age With the Atom, 1945 - 1955

Book Magazines

BookTV -- Lemon Tree

I was watching BookTV this weekend and the author of this book was on.
The Lemon Tree: An Arab, a Jew, and the Heart of the Middle East

Library of America Complete Collection now has available the Library of America Complete Collection. This 183 volume collection comes with a price tag of $3,869.97.

Libraries and the Internet

Blake posted a thought piece titled 10 Reasons Why The Web Is Almost A Substitute For Libraries. In the post I think Blake makes many valid points. I think there is another important point to consider. Many of the quality resources on the Internet were put there by libraries. For example you can find this book on the Internet The Open Polar Sea: A Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery Towards the North Pole, in the Schooner "United States" and you don't have to go to a library to read it.

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