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Remembering Fleming, Ian Fleming

Any writer who has struggled to “do the words” would take heart from the self-effacing assessment written for himself by Ian Fleming, the raffish Englishman born 100 years ago this month who became one of the most successful authors of his time through the creation of the world’s best-loved spy, James Bond.

Full article in the New York Times:

Who killed the electric car?

Seems like no one:

Entitled to What?


Virtually unnoticed during the primary season, the baby boom generation turned 62 this year and began to draw Social Security benefits. This heralded a milestone in America’s aging, and depending on which of the candidates you ask, it spells a budgetary straitjacket or possibly a looming social crisis. Over the next generation, the population of seniors will practically double, to 72 million. With more people retiring and a smaller share of people working, the strains on Social Security and especially Medicare will become evident. Over the very long term, the two programs combined are projected to consume virtually the entire federal budget. A portion of Medicare (the part that pays hospital bills) faces insolvency much sooner than that — in 2019. “The entitlement problem is here and now,” says Eugene Steuerle, a senior fellow of the Urban Institute. “It is so big and overwhelming, none of the candidates feel they can tackle it.”

Read full essay at the NYT.

Books in the Media (Week of April 23rd)


Make every digital camera that uses SD card wireless

There is a new product out called: Eye-Fi Card, Wireless 2 GB SD Memory Card. This SD card has wireless built into it. You put the card in your camera and the card sends your pictures to your wireless network. I knew that digital cameras would come out that would have wireless but it is brilliant to build it into the wireless card because now you can change your existing digital camera into a wireless camera.

Library 2.0 Initiatives in Academic Libraries

ALA Editions has released the book Library 2.0 Initiatives in Academic Libraries

Dreaming in color


Inside a building in China

Want to see some architecture that is WOW?

Take a look:

Library t-shirt

At the website click on the shirt to enlarge so you can read it. Link

pleasant music

Music Lover?

If you are a big music fan you might want to check out this site. The site is called "To the Ear" and organizes cover songs that have been put on YouTube. The web address is

Getting away from Google

I am trying to get away from Google some. At Reference I don't like to use sites like Yahoo because there is so much clutter on the page. But Yahoo does have a clean search page at Two other clean search pages are and MSN Live. I am going to try to use a specific search engine, other than Google, consistently for a week to see if I feel like I am missing things or that my searches take longer.

2GB SD Card

I wanted to get a larger SD card for my digital camera. Currently I have a 512 MB card. Went online and found that now I can buy 2GB for $13. I paid $20 for the 512 MB card a little over a year ago. Amazes me how quick the prices for memory drops.

Kingston 2GB Secure Digital Memory Card (SD/2GB) $13

Power Corrupts

Absolute power corrupts. See video.

For the person that has everything

Do you need a gift for someone that has everything? Here are some possible gift suggestions.

ebook help

Here is a quote from 2000 about ebook readers in 2005.
"by 2005 the number of eBook reading devices was projected to jump from an estimated 30,000 to
28 million." Anderson Consulting Study,
eBook Market Publishers Weekly (4/3/00)
Can anybody point to how many ebook readers did end up existing is 2005? Thanks for any info you can provide.

Great Photo

I took a photo this weekend that came out great. It has wonderful color. Take a look.

D.I.Y. Foreign Aid

See NYT Video Story.The story is about Kiva, a website that makes micro-loans to the working poor.

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