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Large Print Up Close

Technology's tight embrace gives us ample opportunity to read the fine print. In fact, we often have no choice, squinting into laptops in badly lit offices, in living rooms, on trains and even in cars; staring down at a BlackBerry or a Palm device as we wait for the first course; or trying to read the news crawl across the bottom of the TV screen. We do an awful lot of work with our reading, not to mention reading at our work. When it's time to read for pleasure, chances are that people, with eyesight already strained, might be on the lookout for a bigger picture.

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First-Time Novelists Make a Splash on the Web

After Marisha Pessl finished her first novel, Special Topics in Calamity Physics, she got to work on a side project: The Web site is a companion piece to the book, designed as a window into the life — and dorm room — of the young protagonist, Blue van Meer.

Visitors can pick up objects, zoom in on pictures and newspaper clippings, visit Blue's MySpace page or unfold a map of the Great Smoky Mountains, where the story takes place. A distracting June bug buzzes around a bright blue desk lamp.

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Remembering Fleming, Ian Fleming

Any writer who has struggled to “do the words” would take heart from the self-effacing assessment written for himself by Ian Fleming, the raffish Englishman born 100 years ago this month who became one of the most successful authors of his time through the creation of the world’s best-loved spy, James Bond.

Full article in the New York Times:

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2GB SD Card

I wanted to get a larger SD card for my digital camera. Currently I have a 512 MB card. Went online and found that now I can buy 2GB for $13. I paid $20 for the 512 MB card a little over a year ago. Amazes me how quick the prices for memory drops.

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