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A Statement

A thought I have had recently:Library science graduate work does not involve sitting around all day eating bon-bons, tearing up ILL forms, blowing off colleagues, torturing undergraduates, having a social life and doing such like that. There is work to be done like learning cataloging!

An Icky Day

Snow, cold, must be library school in the Allegheny foothills!Now just to figure out how to apply AACR2r 2002 (with annotations to bring it up to the 2003 revisions) as to electronic integrating resources...

Curling Up With AACR2r 2003

Electronic Intergrating ResourcesThat is the name of the game this week for homework in my cataloging class. This should prove interesting. I printed off the notes from the instructor as well as the relevant stuff highlighted that is from OCLC. I am going to have plenty of fun stuff to curl up in bed to read.Last week was printed serials. I hope that the annotation of mistakes for that exercise will not nearly be as awful as it was for all those strange non-book forms we worked on prior.

The Joys of RPA

I really do wish I could be back on the grounds of my MSLS program getting my work done. I had come home to preach as guest speaker at church on Sunday (the congregation did not tar and feather me, thankfully) but picked up a stomach virus while home.I am just happy that the consortial RPA is actually working decently from home allowing me the database access I need to get some work done.

Politics & Libraries

Is there any sort of coherent library policy in the US? It sure does not seem like it. At least NCLIS is going to be up to full strength on commissioners eventually.Canada on the other hand, though, gets interesting. My supervising faculty member had me looking at Bill C-36 in the 2nd session of the 37th Parliament of Canada which would amalgamate the National Library of Canada and Archives Canada into one entity. A very odd idea.And yet the bill is BACK...C-8 is its new number...under carry-over provisions, it is in the same place that C-36 died at prorogation that occured between the 2nd session and the 3rd session we are in now.Hmm. NLC likes the idea of gobbling up the archives it seems. I wonder how this will go eventually.

Busting rock, um, er, um, ice blocks

In recognition of the cold, wet nastiness that was coming about yesterday, the university's Department of Public Safety issued an order for all resident students to remove their cars from parking lots by 0200 EST Saturday. The key reason for this was to allow maintenance staff access to the resident student parking lots to try to scrape down to pavement and remove as much ice and snow as they could. Singingbelle and I were both working for most of the day yesterday on items classes we are in that had due dates of 0000 EST Friday. At approximately 0015 EST today, Singingbelle and I departed our dungeons to head down to the lot by another residence hall to see how badly frozen in Singingbelle's car was.Singingbelle’s car was sitting on a thick patch of ice that was not there when it was parked about five days prior. Singingbelle and I both shared in the fun of trying to bust her car out. With a hammer swinging to bust the ice up and a shovel being used to move stuff away, it took over an hour for the car to be freed from the ice it was stuck on. Around 0130 EST, the car was loosed from that which held it in place and was removed from the lot.The Key Question: Where in library school do you learn enough about facilities management?Presumably if we both wind up at small public libraries in areas that get weather like this routinely, these will be needed skills, eh?

And so I was wrong on the end time...

The flood watch just got extended out to 2200 EST tonight. The fog is rolling in too. What a nasty day to be at library school...

Flood watch from snow...

Library school can be just oh so lovely at times. We've got a floodwatch until 1700 EST while also having had snow, sleet, rain, and just mush all over the campus from last night into today. Today is not a pretty day to go out when even Public Safety is ordering vehicles to be out of parking lots tonight so that Maintenance can get in to clean things out.

Louisiana, Texas, Arizona...hmm...places I may think of working at post-master's?

And so it goes...

Oh my, I have finally joined This may prove interesting...

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