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Principles. Professional librarians.

How would individual libraries' users take up the matter
where there could be a lack of confidence in the
leadership of their public library?... Where generally
people might walk away from bureaucratic flaws, shall we
say, rather than get involved any further with a

Cluefull replies most appreciated !

At one of our Massachusetts public libraries in our
Minuteman Library Network several professional
librarians let other professional librarians know of
individual readers' book titles, transactions as a way
of characterizing the particular libraries' users'
foibles not in order to provide further library
services, as a manner of retribution or making fun of
libraries' users that might have displeased these
librarians in some way upon an encounter for a routine
library transaction.

Stereotyping the character of some of our public
libraries' users by the book titles, library
transactions that interest the people involved could be
stereotyped as a kind of gossipy librarian thing. Or it
could be questioned as a breach of the principles like
the Library Bill of Rights or other library service

It's one thing to provide readers with assistance by
consulting peers. It's another thing to use the book
titles transacted at our public library network as a way
to discuss the character of some of our public
libraries' users.

In Massachusetts our Minuteman Library Network includes...

Cowardly censoring at

The same cowardly censoring at
is done in the name of moderation !

Treasured BPLers

Treasured BPLers

The Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances quarterly journal


Reference Desk Department
Michael Colford, Regional Administrator,
Boston Regional Library System

Robert Maier, Director
Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners

Reference Desk Department enquiry
a. Please arrange for me to read the public content of the
intranet web links
developed by the Boston Regional Library System.

Reference Desk Department enquiry
b. Let me know how to refine, craft this reference desk enquiry so that
it would be less difficult for the reference desk,
for example
1. a listing of public content of the intranet.
2. a listing of the sections of the intranet.
3. or ...?

Reference Desk Department enquiry
c. How would you develop better archival records management practices
with respect to these kinds of self referential, recursive types of
enquiries for our public libraries systems' archives of themselves?...

This reference desk enquiry is with prejudice deflected,
a reference desk failure with respect to
reference desk principles enunciated
Guidelines for Behavioral Performance of Reference
and Information Service Providers

and a reference desk failure with respect to
intellectual freedom principles enunciated
Library Bill of Rights

Institute of Certified Records Managers

Academy of Certified Archivists

Massachusetts State Archives Records Management Unit

Associated Press

Massachusetts. Cambridge Public Library.

In Massachusetts at our Cambridge Public Library childrens and young adults departments there is a librarian who it appears called a kid on the telephone in a loud uncomfortable patronizing tone of voice so that all in the room can hear. It is a kind of intimidating manner that is off putting to library users/customers/consumers and other CPL staff. Better standards for library services, library users/customers/consumers services are needed at CPL. Needed are more critical evaluation of our cities' public libraries

Acquisitions. Accessions. Municipal documents.

Acquisition and accession of municipal government documents at our North American cities' public libraries need to be given greater priority. The civic mission of our cities' public libraries would be fulfilled better if people interested in civic matters could have access to the documentation of the working of municipal agencies. For example, in Boston people are routinely deflected at city hall by the city council and city clerks offices. A mayoral directive and city council order are needed to ensure the routine transmittal of municipal departments documents to our Boston Public Library government documents division. Government documents librarians have been relatively adamant.

By Douglass Shand-Tucci. The Crimson Letter.

By Douglass Shand-Tucci in the book The Crimson Letter page 350...
Nor do I mind as much as I should that the Boston Public Library still
refuses to publish (though they have duly paid for it) my evidently too
inclusive guide to that landmark.
pages 49 and 79...
We know something more of these clubs
[St. Botolph Club, Tavern Club]
from the more intimate memories of some of their leading members.

Theodore Dwight, for instance.

He was appointed director of the Boston Public Library on the eve of
the opening of its palatal new building Copley Square, and his
lifestyle sheds much light on these circles in the 1890's.
This at a time when Leaves of Grass, locked up at Harvard's library,
was also double-starred at the Boston Public Library--Lent only on
application to adult students.
Dwight was close to Henry Adams as well as to
Isabella Stewart Gardner, and also knew well the Harvard scientist
mentioned in Chapter 1, William Woodworth.

The nature of these intimacies?

Consider Dwight's correspondence with Gardner

"of a nature 'in his words' quite too confidential to have been written
  with propriety."
Homosexuality in Boston, particularly in this era, is itself very sotto
voce. But, like the figure in the carpet, if one listens and looks
hard, it can be pretty evident.

BPL board chair Bill Taylor. Censored reorganization plan.

Boston Public Library board of trustees chair Bill Taylor, mayor Tom Menino and BPL President Bernie Margolis have censored the reorganization plan documents of our Boston Public Library Departments.

Failure to comply. Bernard Margolis. President. Boston PL.

       I have received your petition appealing the lack of response of the
City of Boston Library to your public records request.

Massachusetts General Law provides an aggrieved public record requester
two separate and distinct remedies when a custodian refuses or fails to
comply with a public records request.

       The first remedy is judicial in nature and provides for the requester to
petition the Supreme Judicial Court or the appropriate Superior Court
department for an order commanding compliance with the public record request
and the law.

       The second remedy is administrative in nature and provides for the
requester to petition this office for a determination of the nature of the
record and the appropriateness of any claimed custodial exemption.

       When a custodian has failed to respond to a request within the
statutorily mandated timeframe of ten days or has failed to produce any
records or has failed to claim a valid exemption to the public records law,
this office is unable to evaluate the nature of the record.

       The failure of an individual to obey the laws of the Commonwealth may
subject said person to civil or criminal penalties.

This office is not empowered to prosecute persons on behalf of the
Commonwealth for violations of the law.

       Therefore, without any documents to review and without a custodial
exemption claim, an appeal pursuing the administrative remedy is not

This remedy may become become available in the future is a custodian claims
an exemption AND you believe that such a claim is improper.

Until such time, however, you have a right to proceed with the judicial
remedy described above and as provided by law.

Very truly yours,
Alan N. Cote
Supervisor of Records

pre at

[ Coat of arms ]

Ense petit placidam svb libertate qvietem
By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty. -Algernon Sydney

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
William Francis Galvin Secretary of the Commonwealth
Public Records Division

Alan N. Cote
Supervisor of Records

One Ashburton Place 17th Floor
Boston Massachusetts 02108
Tel 617 727 2832
Fax 617 727 5914

pre at

Bernard Margolis
700 Boylston Sttreet
Boston Massachusetts 02116

Dear Mr. Margolis:

       This office has received a petition appealing the lack of response of
your institution to a public record(s) request, dated September 23, 2003.

       "Public records" is broadly defined to include all documentary
materials or date, regardless of physical form or characteristics, made or
received by any officer or employee of any town of the Commonwealth, unless
falling within a statutory exemption.
Massachusetts General Laws chapter 4 section 7(26) 2002 edition
GL c4 s7(26) 2002 ed.

GL c66 s10c 2002 ed.
950CMR 32.08(4)

       A custodian shall, at reasonable times and without unreasonable delay,
permit a public records, or any segregable portion of a record, to be
inspected and examined by any person, and furnish one copy upon payment of a
reasonable fee. See
GL c66 s10a 2002 ed.

       A custodian is required to maintain procedures to avoid unreasonable
delays and to allow inspection and copying by any person during regular
business hours.
Code of Massachusetts Regulations
950CMR 32.05(1)

       A custodian of a public record shall, within ten days following receipt
of a request for inspection or copy of a public records, comply with such
GL c66 s10b 2002 ed.

       In Globe Newspaper Co. v. Commissioner of Education, 439 Mass. 124 (2003),
439 Massachusetts Reports 124 (2003)
the Supreme Judicial Court concluded that the release of public records
within ten days of the receipt of a request to inspect or copy them is
presumptively reasonable.
Ibid at 125

       The failure of a custodian to comply with a public record request by
refusing to allow inspection or by refusing to provide a copy of a public
record may be a violation of law which may subject you to criminal or civil

       The requesting party has been notified of his right to seek an order
from the Supreme Judicial Court or the appropriate Superior Court department,
compelling you to comply with his request.

It is strongly suggested that you contact the requesting parties and make
arrangements for an inspection or release of the records(s) requested.

Very truly yours,
Alan N. Cote
Supervisor of Records

pre at

[ Coat of arms ]

Ense petit placidam svb libertate qvietem
By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty. -Algernon Sydney

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
William Francis Galvin Secretary of the Commonwealth
Public Records Division

Alan N. Cote
Supervisor of Records

One Ashburton Place 17th Floor
Boston Massachusetts 02108
Tel 617 727 2832
Fax 617 727 5914

pre at

Censoring. Boston Public Library Prexy Bernie Margolis.

To: Center for Public Integrity
[ ]

BPL departments reference desks
BPL unions collective bargaining labor relations advocates

Our Boston Public Library Department curatorial departments librarians
have censored their reports, censored city and state consultants' studies
and censored city and state consultants' reports about public libraries
collections and services. BPL President Bernie Margolis is in denial
about the lack of availability of background information
about our public libraries collections and services.

President Margolis delegated BPL Operations Director R. Kowal as so called
freedom of information officer only to improperly deny, delay or
apply punitive additional fees for public information contrary
to ethical and intellectual freedom principles. Reference enquiries have been
sent to city hall as a deterrent for public library users reference desk
enquiries contrary to established principles of reference desk services
guidelines at
[ ]
[ ]

Public libraries users, public libraries personnel and public libraries unions
collective bargaining labor relations advocates do not have available to us
the basic public library services and the free inquiry to read this
public information held at our public libraries reference desks.

Other cities' public libraries have also censored in this manner for which
our Boston Public Library Department is a model of a bad example.

Boston. Cambridge.

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