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Bradbury Book on Web

The dedication in Fahrenheit 451 reads, "This one, with gratitude, is for DON CONGDON" If you type f451 and congdon in at Google there is a site in the top ten results that has the entire book as a pdf. I am assuming the book is a pirated version??? Bradbury is still alive to maintain his copyright isn't he?

Fahrenheit 451

With all the talk about Fahrenheit 911 I wanted to mention Fahrenheit 451. I truly believe this is a book that should be required reading for everyone that gets an MLS. If you have not read the book you should. If you have not read it in awhile you should read it again. I read the book the first time in the mid 80's. It reads differently in 2004. I also believe that this is a book that libraries should promote to their patrons.


Fang, I went and looked at your website.
On the first page of your site is a icon of the world that you want people to click on to enter your site. There is a link box around this icon. There are link boxes around all your icons. Here is how you can make that go away.
After globe2.gif" add this border="0"
and the box will go away.

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