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I'm Back

I'm back from ALISE and ALA! I only made it to one ALA session, the joint session on library education. The youth services oriented sessions were too pricey for this doc student. Next year, I'll still stay for a day of ALA, but I'll probably just get a exhibits-only pass, unless I end up on a committee. I would love to do committee work for YALSA or ALSC or both, but at this point, I just can't commit to being at both annual and midwinter. I still don't know if I'll be able to go to annual.

End of Semester Jumble

I'm trying to be better about posting here, but all I have running through my head is "Citation analysis, stats project, teen project, children's project, stats test, citation analysis..."

I bit off more than I could chew with one of my projects and I'm hurting now, especially since I cannot get my relationships in Access to work properly. Some of them work, some of them don't, and I just can't figure out the difference between the working ones and the non-working ones.

Since I Last Posted

Things have changed a lot for me since I last posted. I passed my comprehensive exams and earned my MLS this summer. Then I started the doctoral program this fall at the same school. I'm focusing on school libraries and youth services. Specific interests are initial certification programs (training non-teachers to be school librarians) and middle grade literacy (aka, why do 5th graders stop reading?)

Spring Break

Spring break starts now! I finished the last of my classwork and can now enjoy a lovely week of reading, cleaning, and knitting. Oh, and working on statements of purpose and long papers.

Oh, My! Bad Historian!

I didn't even realize I haven't posted since last October! No worries, I passed my classes. This semester, I'm taking Human Learning (for my teacher certification), Social Constructs of Information (for fun), my 2-hour Practicum, and Curriculum & School Libraries. For the record, I don't recommend that library students take more than 9 hours, but I've been waiting a year for the social constructs class, and it's the only one I could have dropped.

Readings This Semester

So far, I have finished On Basilisk Station and Once a Dreamer. I'm still reading Master and Commander. I'm also reading Apostles of Culture, The Failed Promise of the American High School, and Savage Inequalities. Those are the books I have to finish this week. I have a midterm tomorrow. I have a paper due Tuesday. I'm giving a presentation in two and a half weeks.

I'm petrified.

Genre Books

Here are the books we're reading for my Collection Development class:

One Week Down, 15 to Go

One week down and I feel like I've been through a wringer. Of course, that could be because I went to the state fair and got heat stress Sunday, so I started the week in a bad way. One of my classes meets face to face, which is nice.

Our focus in collection development is what people read. We're reading novels in a variety of genres, along with the Peggy Johnson Collection Development book.

Fall 2005

Next week, the new semester begins. I'm not a new library school student any more. There's a whole new crop of confused newbies out there, adusting to life online. I'm still optimistic, and I must say, I've been very impressed with the quality of my education. Some of my classes have really lit a fire, especially the Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas. I focused on information literacy and library use as my content area.


Doing three hours in one month is TOUGH!

I just finished my Reading class for certification. What a great class!

The GovDocs class was also very cool. We focused more on strategies for using government sites, rather than on information currently available. There is such a wealth of resources out there!

Now, I'm gathering data for a presentation I've been selected for. I'm pretty excited, but also scared and nervous because I've never done a presentation before.

Semester Break Learning

I'm taking the opportunity to learn about more technologies during semester break, hoping these technologies will help me in my research and in my efforts to keep up with blogs. I'm doing research on weblogs in libraries, though I have no idea what I'm doing since I've never done research before. I'm taking a look at what has already been done. There's some impressive stuff out there and I'm not sure what I can add. To help with that research, I finally opened an account at to help me tag the blogs and sort them.

Survived Another Semester

I have survived another semester, although it has severely shaken my idea that I want to do school librarianship. As of right now, I suspect I'll end up in youth services at a public library. But I'm still working toward certification, for now.

Summer classes:
Gov Docs for K-12 educators
Teaching Reading & Writing

While I'm Here

Mid-Semester Check-In:

Common Sense Wins

I've submitted a follow-up to my previous post about "The Giver." I love that book and I think eighth grade is the perfect age to be exposed to the ideas in the book. I wish it had been around when I was in eighth grade. I would have loved to have this book on my required reading list.

Ideas Like that Don't Belong in My Kid's Head

Some Blue Springs parents want The Giver pulled from the eighth-grade reading lists. This is a chilling story, and it almost defines why we need books like "The Giver." These parents mean well, but they want their kids to live in a pain free utopia, focusing only on positive and good things. Sadly, that's not possible. As "The Giver" illustrates, we would have to give up too much to live in a pain-free world.

Thoughts at the end of a semester

I suggested this profile of a school media specialist for the main page, but I had a few more comments to add. I like this story and I think she has a lot to teach future school media specialists like myself, but this story made me wonder why I'm working so hard to get an MLS when a teacher certification could get me into a library faster. It sounds like she's doing a great job, and this isn't sour grapes, but it does make me wonder a little.

School Reflections-- Midterm

I'm halfway through my first real semester of library school. I have a lot of thoughts, many of which are controversial and probably mean. The program is challenging in several ways. I love my school library classes and the professor is awesome, even though I have never met her in person. We work in the same building, but I haven't met her yet. I'm too shy to email and say "Let's meet!" I've read some great young adult books in my Library Materials for Teens class. Cataloguing class is also cool.


I've been following the gmail fun for several weeks now, watching people sell gmail invites on ebay and such, thinking I probably would not get involved in the frenzy. Imagine my surprise when I log into my Blogger account and receive an invitation! Heh. So now I have a gmail account. Someone else already snagged Jenne, so I'm Jenne1989. (Contrary to what the pedophiles on Yahoo think, that does not mean I'm 15 years old.)

So far, I really like gmail. The page is much faster and prettier than yahoo or hotmail. It's so clean and uncluttered that I haven't even used it yet.

Registered for Fall

I registered for the fall semester. Just in time, too. There was only one slot left in Cataloging and Classification, which is a class I need for my assistantship. I also signed up for another required class and two classes focusing on school librarianship. By the end of the fall semester, I should have a better idea of whether school librarianship is the direction for me.

Thank You

Thank you for your tips, advice, and help with my dilemma! My advisor says I have plenty of time to come up with my degree plan. She says I should talk to the professor who oversees the certification process. That professor happens to be one of my distance learning professors this summer, although the class is self-paced, so there hasn't been much interaction.


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