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Shopping at ALA

Does anyone who has gone to an ALA conference within the past couple years remember an artist in the vendor section? Someone who painted friendly looking dragons in a private library?


I've officially played too much Star Wars Galaxies because for the past few days whenever I'm bored I automatically move to hit the 'J' button on my keyboard to see what quests I have.

Surface Computer

This is just... wow.

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From About: Contemporary Literature -

Rowling to Read Harry Potter 7 In Its Entirety

At Midnight on July 21, J.K. Rowling will give a reading of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in its entirety. The reading is expected to last until dawn and will be attended by by 500 randomly selected fans, all of whom will also receive a free signed copy of the book.

The event will take place at the National History Museum in London and is sponsored by Bloomsbuy and Scholastic publishing houses who publishing the Harry Potter books in the U.K. and U.S. respectively. Seven U.S. fans can enter to win round-trip tickets to London and hotel accomodations.

Which Wiki?

We have a very detailed librarian assigned to local history and who has done an enormous amount of research for patrons on subjects of genealogy and local history. It seems like a good basis of material for a local history wiki. The question is whether to use a well-trafficked site like Wikipedia and risk the perils of mass-editing or to setup something closed off like PBwiki but would be mainly be gotten to through our own website. It could be linked to from Wikipedia, but I'm not sure if a user's interest would extend to the outside links, as opposed to the plus of it being 'right there'.

Africans for Wolfowitz

Africans for Wolfowitz:
Third World reformers resist a coup by rich Europeans.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the world's poorest region, and Mr. Wolfowitz has appropriately made it his top priority. On his first day on the job, he met with a large group of African ambassadors and advocates. His first trip as bank president was a swing through Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Rwanda and South Africa. He also recruited two African-born women vice presidents, a rarity at the bank.

If you're surprised by that last fact, then you don't appreciate that the World Bank has always been a sinecure for developed-world politicians. They get handsome salaries, tax free, and their performance is measured not by how much poverty they cure but by how much money they disperse.

Mr. Wolfowitz has upset this sweetheart status quo by focusing more on results, and especially on the corruption that undermines development and squanders foreign aid. Yet many of the poor countries themselves welcome such intervention.

My kind of social responsibility.

ALA Election Fraud

Originally posted here.

This is rich. The Social Respinsibilities Round Table (Respinsibilities? Never was a typo so appropriate, but I digress) just sent out a postcard of SRRT candidates for the election and left my name off... deliberately. Now in the ballot descriptions I left my association with SRRT off, that was my decision. If they had asked me prior to sending the postcard I may have said leave it off (but there's a debate there waiting to be had as well). They didn't ask. In fact the person who sent them, Elaine Harger, said flat out:

"Your name is not included because I could not in good conscience play any role in votes being cast for you by anyone who is unaware of your hostility toward everything that SRRT stands for. The other name left off the list was my own, because I also could not in good conscience accrue any possible votes myself while depriving someone else (even you) of the same."

The money for these mailings comes from ALA, SRRT is using ALA funds to politik for specific candidates, not just SRRT members in general. SRRT is not representing ALA, they are not representing ALA members, only individuals who abide by certain beliefs. If they did this for a general election, state or federal, it would put ALA's status as an organization at serious risk. Whether it applies to elections within ALA I don't know but the ethical violation here is astounding.

At the very least I call for SRRT to be defunded and to lose their Council seat for a full term of 3 years.

Best Headline *Ever*

ALA Elections Begin

If you can vote, do vote. If you do vote, consider voting for SHUSH

How long will this last?

So mpow has a free blog through Blogger, and a free feeder through FeedSweep so that we can use the blog on our website, and a free email subscription service through FeedBurner so patrons can be emailed about new library info from the blog.

ALA-APA opposes privacy

In supporting the Employee Free Choice Act ALA-APA has come out against the right of a secret ballot. From Wikipedia:

(6) Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, whenever a petition shall have been filed by an employee or group of employees or any individual or labor organization acting in their behalf alleging that a majority of employees in a unit appropriate for the purposes of collective bargaining wish to be represented by an individual or labor organization for such purposes, the Board shall investigate the petition. If the Board finds that a majority of the employees in a unit appropriate for bargaining has signed valid authorizations designating the individual or labor organization specified in the petition as their bargaining representative and that no other individual or labor organization is currently certified or recognized as the exclusive representative of any of the employees in the unit, the Board shall not direct an election but shall certify the individual or labor organization as the representative described in subsection (a).

Tokyopop Launches Comprehensive Rating System

Not a manga fan myself but this is a hopeful sign from one of the larger (largest?) manga publishers:

As part of the celebration of its 10th anniversary Tokyopop is preparing to launch the most comprehensive rating system ever applied to graphic novels. With the help of consultant Michele Gorman (Getting Graphic!: Using Graphic Novels to Promote Literacy with Preteens and Teens and Connecting Young Adults and Libraries) Tokyopop has developed a thorough ratings guide that not only reflects the graphic novel industry as a whole but also provides detailed explanations of its ratings, akin to the video game industry's ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) ratings.

Tokyopop's new ratings guide will include more than 40 content indicators divided among five age ranges. In Fall 2007, a general set of content indicators in addition to the ratings icon will be printed on the cover of each new series. The new system will provide prospective buyers with far more information about a book's content than the previous system (that Tokyopop pioneered), which simply provided the age rating alone.

How Do They Do That?

I had clicked on the library link for the Heidi Bullard post for the Covedale Public Library. I liked their design and I'm planning on using their rss feeds as an example of how to work towards my own library's integration of feeds. What I was surprised by was how their new stuff feeds have a "Place A Hold" option. If I were doing it I would just link to the item in the book catalog but their way seems like bringing the catalog functions into your website. Much cooler.

Spam Wars

Dealing with spam in email is mostly quick and easy. And for the most part its not that much harder to delete them from blogs or flickr or youtube. But fuck-a-duck, when you are trying to use all these things, when you even have multiple blogs, it sucks the life right out of you.

Day by Day chuckle

Is it possible?

To integrate an outside blog like blogger or wordpress into a webpage, either the whole posts or just the subject headings?

HEX to RGB... yay!

As a web development tool I could have used this a long time ago. Pity I didn't think to look.

Vista...maybe I should just buy a Mac

Interesting article over at msn. It amazes me how they just take it as natural that Microsoft steals their design from Apple.

Apple intro's iPhone

Blogging from MacWorld 2007, Ryan Block from Endgadget reports (in detailed fashion) on Steve Jobs' presentation for Apple's new done-in-one product. (fyi: long page, many images, slow loading)

Google's Tipping Point

Comment at Instapundit, hat tip The Corner.

I haven't completely given up Google but I have started using a lot more. I don't think its a question of just trust. Sometimes when things feel like they're getting too big I just prefer to go elsewhere. But certainly in Google's case trust is becoming an issue.

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