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Hilarious ... my blog lives on!

the last time i wrote in this journal was three years ago. in 2004, i was working part-time in the mental health field, going to library school part-time and i was the single mother of a two-year old who couldn't say "mommy".

i wondered if i was going to make it through grad school and i guess i did. LOL

ah another academic year has begun

in the past year i found out that grad school is tough . . . i started out as a part-time student working full-time in health care and raising the little bambino who is now a preschooler . . . i literally lost some hair due to the stresses of juggling so much - dr. actually diagnosed alopecia areata - but since i quit my full-time job - the hair has grown back and i'm happy as can be - i'm in school full time and spending loads of time with the baby *ahem* toddler in tow.


:S It's the middle of the semester. I thought the 'scary' projects were done. I was totally wrong. :O There are midterms!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. LOL I'll get back to reading ......... at this point I'm juggling school, work and the baby. School work continues, work is fine and the baby is officially 2 years old.

The fiancee finally understands the difficulties of juggling home work and school. He's really pitching in! That means I can take a short break when I get home. Yay!

HTML workshop

First html workshop tonight ..... very informative ..... group activity went well and even got a chance to mingle a bit with the lis web team ..... hmmmmm maybe I'll mention this online journal thing at next week's workshop ...... eventually, i hope, my journal will discuss more technical computer kinda stuff instead of this stream of consciousness kind of writing/babbling :P

first two weeks of school

School, work and the baby ...... the juggling went well until the mini suv went caput :S i'll be shopping for a minivan this week ...... hmmmmm ..... this week is going to be a learning experience ...... i'm finishing my last week at my job, looking for the new mommy mobile, doing homework & entertaining the little bundle of joy .....hmmmmmm it doesn't look that bad written down.

Oh btw if anyone is interested my classmates and I are making pathfinders and doing 5 minute presentations on various topics. My topic is the Book of Hours.

Numero dos

The toughest part about going back to school is ....... waking up at the crack of dawn to join the morning rush into Honolulu. I would say 'beat the morning rush' but that would mean waking up at 3 in the morning. LOL I don't think I'll be doing that anytime soon.

First journal entry

Library school starts tomorrow. I have my notebooks, my pens, my lunch, my textbook (for some reason I only have one yet - go figure) and my cold care kit packed and ready to go.

You must be wondering what my cold care kit is ..... basically means I'm packin' my medicine cabinet in my backpack and I'm gonna be smellin' like menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus all through class. LOL

This is exactly how I imagined my first day of grad school. NOT!

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