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nigritude ultramarine

more Googlebombing, this time they're doing it for a contest.

Darkblue contest
Nigritude ultramarine google search

Slashdot story on nigritude ultramarine contest

Think Google will do anything about it?

stupid little box

Why do I keep clicking the "Anonymous Patron" box? I do that on /. too. I write up a post, intend to post it logged in, go through preview and somewhere in there I click the anonymous box and make my post not logged in. I think I've done this at least 3 times this week.

Wild Animus

The whole Wild Animus issue continues to annoy me. I think I'll stick with being shallow and a "woohoo! free stuff!" attitude for right now.


I'm not a librarian, I just work for a library. I'm considering going for an MLS after I finish my undergrad, but things may change.

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