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A brief history of a miserable job search.

At my library school orientation, I was regaled with stories of recent graduates who had prospective employers beating down their doors begging them to work for them. I was told that as an MLIS grad from Prestigious Library School, I would have absolutely no problem finding a job. After all, with the "graying of the library profession," lots of people at the top would be retiring, and people would move up to fill those positions, leaving a lot of good entry level jobs for new grads to fill.

Then September 11th happened, the economy went to shit, budgets were cut, and grads in just about every field found it difficult--if not damn near impossible--to find a job. It's been almost two years, but the situation isn't any better. The "graying" of the librarian population is definitely on target. I went to ALA this summer, and I was appalled at the number of coelacanth librarians--you know, "living fossils." But these people are never going to retire. They're waiting for their retirement funds to be worth what they were worth in 2000, and they'll die in their fancy chair in the director's office before that happens. Which means that I've got to wait for them to kick the bucket so everyone else can move up a rung so I can get an entry-level job. Of course, it'll take between two months and a year to fill any given position because of the snail's pace of library hiring.

I have a sparkling resume, and I give good cover letter, so I've been able to score a number of interviews. In a way, this is positive, because I have friends who haven't had an interview yet, and have been looking longer than I have. I'm so damn sick of the hiring song-and-dance at this point. I'm tired of describing my work experience and my management style and how I handle difficult situations to a committee who already knows who they're going to hire. The whole idea of interviewing multiple candidates "in the name of fairness" when an internal candidate is going to be promoted is silly. Don't dick me around, employers. I've had it.

Anyone else going through this same sort of hell? Anyone else out there irritated at the fact that complete and utter boneheads who graduated with you have jobs and you don't? Anyone else not afraid to be a little bit bitter and ranty sometimes?

Holla back, yo.

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