Blagojevich Memoir: Fact, Fiction or Autoblagography?

When the news broke that Rod Blagojevich was writing a book about his misadventures in politics, librarians everywhere spit out their coffee in alarm. Where the bleep are they going to shelve it?

The book (working title: "The Governor") will tell the story of an immigrant steelworker's son who rose from shoeshine boy to governor; a courageous reformer twice elected by the people of Illinois, only to be hounded out of office by politicians bent on raising taxes. It has everything—power, money, corruption, family dysfunction, lots of profanity.

He may be writing it, but thus far, no New York publishers have purchased rights. One alert commentator has noticed that the rights have been sold this past week to Phoenix Books of Beverly Hills CA.

But where to shelve it...fact or fiction?


But according to the reports I've read he has sold the rights for a low six figure advance to something called Phoenix Books.

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