Bizarre Campus Arrest Incident Began With Argument Over A Library Carrel

Abdirashid Dahir, a George Mason University senior, says he was arrested by campus police on an abduction charge after a bizarre exchange with a fellow student over a study room at a campus library. It started last Tuesday, when Dahir settled on a study room at GMU’s Fenwick library after a long search; apparently such spaces are in high demand. Dahir realized he’d forgotten his laptop charger and went off to collect it. He returned seven minutes later to find another student in his carrel. Here is what happened next. Read more at:


It's hard to know the truth here, but the police's behavior, as reported, including escalating threats when they get "pushback" or verbal resistance, would not surprise me at all.

GMU Drops Charges Against Student Abdirashid Dahir

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