Birmingham PL's Library Assistant III Sues the System

A library employee claims in a federal lawsuit that Birmingham's downtown public library is a sexually hostile place to work, with some patrons openly viewing pornography on computers, groping her and performing lewd acts in front of staff or other patrons, including children.

Barbara Ann Wilson claims in the lawsuit against the Library Foundation and the city of Birmingham that the library has not done enough to protect her from a hostile work environment.

"It is increasingly difficult for the Plaintiff to come to the work place on a daily basis to be confronted with the obscene and sexual misconduct that is ongoing at the downtown branch of the Birmingham Public Library," according to the lawsuit filed by Wilson, a library assistant III.

The lawsuit claims the library has violated her civil rights by creating or allowing a "sexually charged hostile work environment" by not providing adequate security. The lawsuit, which said Wilson has suffered severe emotional distress and mental anguish, seeks an unspecified amount in damages.

Lawsuit story from The Birmingham News; updates, including a meeting of the library board here.

Additional video coverage via CBS.


Many public libraries face disruptive, belligerent patrons on a daily basis. This is not tolerated and is against Library Rules for Behavior and Conduct. These patrons are then banned accordingly, and in some cases, arrested for their behavior. What disturbs me here is that this article claims that these types of incidents are not reported or even logged about by the library staff- or if they are, then librarians in charge are not following through and banning the disruptive patrons. It might take 50 separate banning to get most of the 'trouble makers' out, but that's what the rules of conduct are for.

I was banned from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library without cause. I did complain about intrusions into the library and it is based on a true story. When, however, is the government going to admit something known as laser beam technology exists? Something the CIA knows exist because an author wrote about it in his book which ironically, I checked out of the CMPL. The FBI and DOJ know mind reading technology exists but in fact it is a reality! They've been using it on me for approximately 6 years and I will not provide these "women" employment which it is not. Nor a life nor spousal privileges. My fight goes on. I have now filed suit in US federal district court but do not have an attorney to help me with this. My belief is that banning patrons is unconstitutional.

Just in addition to my above comment; furthermore, the library itself should of taken on the cause of not allowing laser beam technology/mind reading equipment into the library and filed suit. Not against me, but whoever was responsible. I have a right to pull up whatever information I want to on the Internet or type letters, etc., and also read whatever reading materials the library puts out. I also had a right to use the library undisturbed. The library should of been on my side, not an adversary as mind reading equipment doesn't belong in the library. It's been almost over 6 months now that I've been barred and a 3 yr. old grand son who loves for me to bring him books. I know how my case got its start and who's been implicated but I do not know who the perpetrators are that use the laser beam; i.e. mind reading equipment. This also takes away a building, water fountain, toilet, and other services the library provides. It's not supposed to be used to purport anybody's agenda unless it coincides with the library and the reason for its existence.

the crazies are running loose.

Read this case were suing librarians won almost half a million:

Adamson v. Minneapolis Public Library


I can totally see this happening. People don't respect libraries anymore. It's like herding animals. People just don't understand that you're supposed to be quiet and respectful.

The worst part about it is that it's the adults, not the kids, who I usually have to yell at for talking on the phone, being loud, etc.

Some amazing hostility directed at the woman in the comments from 'real' librarians.

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