the biggest atlas ever to be published

LONDON, England (CNN) -- It is being billed as the ultimate book about the world and it is something of a landmark in its own right. "Earth" -- the biggest atlas ever to be published -- promises to be a luxurious benchmark in cartography. "Earth" is the largest atlas ever produced. Created by Millennium House, "Earth" -- complete with a clam shell case -- measures 610 x 469 millimeters and weighs in at over 30 kilos. The price is pretty hefty too. The leather bound, gilt-edged book will set you back around $3500. It has taken a team of over 100 photographers, cartographers, geographers and oceanographers eight months to bring the 576 page tome together. During production several cartographers' computers crashed and had to be upgraded because of the maps were so large and so detailed. Read more about it at:
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