A Big Uh-Oh for the G. W. Bush Library Website

Don't let it happen to you...Blake is always saying it and he's right.

Trailblazers Blog has a story in this morning's paper-- the Dallas News about a North Carolina company that made a tidy profit by acquiring the Web name George W. Bush Library, then selling it back to the library developer folks who had let the name expire.

"It worked out very well," said an official with the Carolina company, Illuminati Karate. A computer firm working with the Bush team had the rights to the name, but let them lapse.

(If you go to to the site, there's nothing there but a title page. We're assured that the actual library, which is being built in Dallas, will contain real content -- you know, documents and stuff.)

Mdoneil thanks for the heads up.


that there will be real content! :-)

I am already commisssioned to work on the section of cocktail recipies.

can't you be killed for stealing/squatting/snagging the President's web address? you would think that's one of those Presidential perks, like having the Seal embroidered on your underpants. what good is being the President if you can't make a call and have some spook do wetwork for you?

The web site was public (paid) domain (not a .gov), and they let the rights to the name expire.... I do admit it's annoying to have to pay a fee every 12 months in order to keep the rights to my domain name....and all the other fees...but it's not like they were not warned about the expiration!

The fact is they just ignored the bills and literally 1,000's of reminders they received via e-mail (not to mention the calls you get at dinner time to remind you to pay your fees) and snail mail.

Once again, someone in the Bush Cartel fell down on the job...makes you wonder.

Mi Takuye Oyacin

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