Big Debate (kind of) on Future of the Academic Library Building

<a href="">Yesterday at the EDUCAUSE</a> conference two ARL library directors went head-to-head in a debate about the future of the library building. In this corner Suzanne E. Thorin, dean of libraries at Syracuse University said the library is “Kaput. Finito". In that corner Richard E. Luce, director of university libraries at Emory University, countered that "just because libraries are transitioning from print to online does not mean they will cease to be libraries". In the end it didn't sound like the two went to the mat to battle it out on this debatable issue, but rather met on some middle ground. As Thorin summed it up ‘Who knows what the library means anymore?". If ARL Directors don't know then who does? See the full report at Inside Higher Ed.


What library directors don't know could choke a stampede of horses.

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