and the future of cataloging and the future of cataloging: Not to be confused with just “Biblios“, which is LibLime’s new open source cataloger’s editor. That’s cool too, but Jonathan Rochkind is talking about, which is basically a shared metadata store. That is, technological support for ‘cooperative cataloging’. That is, what we used to call a ‘bibliographic utility’. The Biblios editor uses the shared metadata store, but it’s not restricted to use by the Biblios editor, anyone can use it.


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Homeschoolers and libraries

I'm a Youth Services Librarian in a small town in Delaware and this is my second year of doing monthly book clubs for homeschoolers. The response to this program was tremendous - I have 3 clubs, serving children from K-8th grade with a combined enrollment of about 50 kids. We supply the books, the kids do an at-home activity, and come together once a month for games related to the book and group projects.

It's great fun!
Becky Norton
Laurel DE

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