Bias against blind book lovers

The Authors Guild doesn't want the Kindle 2 to be able to read books aloud. They say this new capability violates authors' copyrights. This argument has absolutely no basis in copyright law. Reading a print book aloud or having it read aloud to you in the privacy of your home is not a copyright violation; the only difference with the Kindle 2 is that a machine rather than a human being is doing the reading.


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I don't think that's what the Author's Guild wants

The Author's Guild wants to make sure appropriate compensation be paid to professional narrators/authors; they do not wish to deprive blind readers. There are two sides to the issue and it's not a discrimination issue.

There's Only One Side For The Guild

That is make sure they try to squeeze every penny out of every person they possibly can. Blind people be damned, that side doesn't matter.

petition the Author's Guild

Signatures are being collected here:

I wonder how this affects Talking Book (Gov't) Programs...

I wonder how the Author's Guild reaction to the Kindle 2 will impact things like the Texas State Talking Book Program:

No effect? A chilling effect?

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