Bedbugs @Your Library

Bedbugs are having a heckuva comeback. Nearly eradicated in the 1950s, new limitations on pesticides have made killing them much more difficult.

And now...they've been found at the library, triggering the massive cleanup of an entire library system. They were discovered in Urbana, Frederick County MD at one of the state's newest libraries.

"I think it's ridiculous. How can someone get bedbugs in the books?" said one man. A librarian who used to work in the hotel industry spotted the pests in two children's books left in the book drop Friday.

Right now, the contaminated books are in the back of a truck, baking in the sun in the parking lot. Once the inside of the truck reaches 120 degrees, the critters should die. But the sun and containment aren't the only remedies. All eight Frederick County libraries have been sprayed with pesticides, which concern some patrons.

Story here and here.

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