Baby born at Denver library.

DENVER -- Within minutes of stepping off a bus Tuesday morning, a woman dropped a special package at the downtown Denver library -- a baby. <a href="">[rest of story here]</a> I don't know why a woman would take the bus to the library when she was clearly in labor. Maybe she'd heard that baby story times fill up fast and she just wanted to get signed up. But as paramedics wheeled the new mother and child from the lobby, the library manager informed the woman that she owed the library five cents because, "It's obvious ma'am, that baby was way overdue." <Update> According to the <a href="">Denver Daily</a>, "The mother and child are in good health and will be holding a 10:30 a.m. press conference today at Denver Health. At the event, the mom will talk about giving birth in a nontraditional setting."
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