Audiobook DRM versus the patrons of the Cleveland Library


BoingBoing Pointed the way to this funny because it's true comic: Audiobook DRM versus the patrons of the Cleveland Library. "This installment of the Brads webcomic shows the 22 steps a reader has to take in order to borrow a DRM-crippled audiobook from the public library. A compelling argument for libraries to boycott this stuff."


... they left out Step 23: Get sued by the RIAA and pay $800,000 for audiobook.

and I don't even understand steps 5-7... is he using Linux? because Macs also work... and yes, installing Overdrive software is required and necessary... all these steps are also necessary for NON DRM MP3 AUDIOBOOKS. In fact, almost every step on here is not a library or DRM problem, but a non-Windows user problem. You could remake this cartoon for any asswipe who exists outside of normal society (windows or mac or likes to walk barefoot: STEP ONE: BUY SHOES; or likes to jog 10 miles to the library: STEP 1: TAKE A SHOWER FIRST.)

and I could insert 5 more steps between 20 and 22 because you still need to download and install torrent crap.

and that's what libaries are up against. people will steal shit rather than borrow it. "what? I need my ID for a card, then I need to fill in an application, then I need to wait in line, then I need to answer some questions that I left off the application, then I need to borrow the book, then I need to return the book on time.... shit, too many steps... I'm just taking it."

at least he has a library card... but for everything else, he's a dumbass... read the faq before you google, idiot.

The screenshots made it look like an issue with Windows rather than with DRM. He's assuming some pretty deep insider knowledge there.

so he's a double dumbass.... this cartoonist is the WORST of our library patrons.. the guy who's convinced he's a compoooter jeanyous so he skips every "unnecessary" step... but oh, god, tell him you installed that new video card *before* you disabled the onboard video and he'll laugh you out of the room... dumbass.

Dude, it's just a cartoon. Get over it. No need to call people names. You're just embarrassing yourself...dumbass. :-)

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