AT&T Move on Charging for Data Signals a Shift

AT&T will not offer unlimited data plans to new smartphone customers, who will pay based on what they use.

They spend hours watching video on their phones, downloading songs, browsing the Web, sending photos to friends and generally using mobile devices as full-fledged computers. They are the data hogs.

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AT&T this morning announced that its unlimited data plan is being discontinued for new subscribers. (Can’t say we didn’t warn you.) Some people are outraged about the new caps. But we’re betting most people won’t care.

First, the basics: The new un-unlimited data plans offers options of 200 MB for $15 a month and 2 GB for $25 a month. If 2 GB ain’t enough, you can tack an extra $10 to your bill for every extra gig.

Keep in mind that if you’re already a current AT&T smartphone user (that includes whiny iPhone customers), your unlimited data plan is still available. These changes only directly apply to brand new AT&T smartphone users, who no longer get the option of unlimited data. Current AT&T customers can opt for the cheaper limited plans as well, but be careful: Once you switch, you can’t go back to the unlimited plan.

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The first line of the item says "AT&T will offer unlimited data plans to new smartphone customers"--it's missing a critical not after "will" and before "offer."

Thanks for catching that.

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