Ask a Librarian: Marry a Librarian!

Paula Bagwell, a librarian from St. Petersburg College was proposed to on Ask a Librarian! In her own words: “My boyfriend of two years, Josh, just proposed to me via AskaLibrarian!!! Today is our two year anniversary (and also the autumnal equinox). I was covering virtual chat and he signed on and asked me to marry him. Then I learned he was actually at the Clearwater library and was using a computer in the lab...”


I guess this will mean a new merged authority record. If she changes her name to her husband's name, will it require a "See Also" record? If they have children, will it be an added entry? Inquiring Librarians want to know...

Sigh. I miss the old Gaylord card catalog somethines.

R. Lee Hadden (These are my own opinions!)

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