Artist's Doll Removed from Library Display

The New Haven Advocate reports on the removal of a naif-style
doll modeled after Mayor John de Stefano at an exhibit in the New Haven Free Library. Here's a promotion on YouTube for the art show.

Could it have been a slap in the face to the politician who recently announced massive budget cuts to balance the city's huge budget gap? Over 100 city employees were laid off. When the exhibition opened on June 21 the doll, by local artist Kim Mikenis, was a part of it—but a week later, it was gone. Mikenis claims that this particular doll was only the first in a series portraying Connecticut mayors, and was not meant as an exclusive statement about DeStefano.

The decision to remove it was made by James Wellbourne, city librarian. According to Kathy Hurley, the library's spokeswoman, Wellbourne was concerned that the "personal" reference to an identifiable individual "within the community" could be locally offensive.

You be the they say.

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