Are Librarians Training Lawyers and Law Students in the Use of Alternatives to LexisNexis and Westlaw?

Do law librarians regularly use PreCYdent, PLoL and/or AltLaw? Do law librarians train their patrons in the use of PreCYdent, PLoL and/or AltLaw in a manner similar to Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw training?

I've split the questions into two spheres for this poll: academic law librarians (and legal research and writing profs) and all other law librarians because the former are responsible for training the latter's future patrons. You can take Law Librarian Blog's poll here:


Hell, we can barely get them to attend Lexis or Westlaw training sessions! Evidently they are all power-searching expert savants with otherworldly database-fu (even though about 1/4 of them can't even log in without having their hands held through the process), and neither need nor want training of any kind. The only reason they show up to Lexis and Westlaw training is that the big two give out toys. It wouldn't matter to my students if I did a psychedelic striptease while doing a training (of any kind). They simply do not care. They think that because they can (kind of) run Google, they know all they need to know, and simply ignore all attempts to teach them otherwise.