Are Librarians different from other professionals?


Are Librarians different from other professionals?
To really know someone, you need to know how they spend their
spare time. What do they chose to do when they aren’t working or
when they retire? We are doing a study of how librarians spend
their time outside of work, and if you are a librarian, we are
inviting you to complete a brief survey. It should take about ten
minutes to answer a few questions. You can see the survey by
using the link below to go to our confidential website. We think
our findings will help librarians to understand themselves better,
to know what makes them different in how they spend their spare
time, and to plan how they will spend their time in retirement.

We hope you will help us, not only by completing the survey
yourself, but also by forwarding the link to friends and
colleagues you know are not subscribed to this list. We are
especially concerned about reaching retired librarians.


It directs us to use "the link below", but where is the link? Am I overlooking something?

towards volunteering and doing good. I don't feel it's really a survey about how librarians spend their spare time; it's a survey about "do librarians volunteer for charitable organizations in their spare time." So I find the description deceptive.

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