Are authors pirating their own ebooks to promote themselves?

Peer to Peer file sharing is a hot topic as most people equate the essence of it to be synonymous with piracy. During our research we found that authors are leaking their own ebooks to pirate websites and then capitalizing on the controversy surrounding them. We also will look into how authors share their books on pirate websites in order to gain more exposure.

The spirit of Peer to Peer file sharing was to have many different computers hosting the same file in order to keep download/upload speeds consistent for many different users accessing the file. The stigma of P2P file sharing occurred when Kazaa, Limewire and other companies started offering copyright infringing content. No one can dispute the fact that this changed the landscape of the Music and Movie industry. The music and movie industry had to evolve to offer paid digital content to satiate peoples thirst. The rise of iTunes and Hulu were directly arbitrated to P2P driving up the demand to consume digital content.

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