Apple Turns on iPhone Tracking in iOS6

The new iPhone operating system comes with three things that make tracking easier for advertisers and reduce the likelihood that you'll opt out.

iOS 6 comes in a default "tracking on" position. You have to affirmatively switch it off if you do not want advertisers to see what you're up to.
The tracking control in iPhone's settings is NOT contained where you might expect it, under the "Privacy" menu. Instead, it's found under "General," then "About," and then the "Advertising" section of the Settings menu.
The tracking control is titled "Limit Ad Tracking," and must be turned to ON, not OFF, in order to work. That's slightly confusing — "ON" means ads are off! — so a large number of people will likely get this wrong.

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If you don't want advertising then you can expect to pay more for your products and services.
Who wants to pay more?

Turning that off is probably a secret to most people. The problem is I am already paying for this service, for this phone. This ain't Facebook or Google, this is my phone, my life is on here, I PAY FOR IT I don't expect to sell myself to help them make even more money. No one should have to Opt-Out of this stuff.

Nothing is a secret these days, the fact that this article exists shows us that.

You'd have a point if you couldn't turn off the adverts.
You pay for a service. That service comes with advertising as basic, they are allowing you to turn it off. They could also just as easily not allow you to do that.

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