Apple's E-Book Pricing Prompts Antitrust Inquiry

The pricing of electronic books is one of the biggest issues currently facing the publishing industry. The de facto $9.99 standard set by Amazon (AMZN) for books available on its Kindle device has had many big publishers up in arms, so when Apple (AAPL) came calling with the iPad -- and a totally different pricing model that raised e-book prices by a handful of dollars -- publishers bit.

Now the pricing model switch has book publishers and Apple in the crosshairs of the Texas Attorney General's Office. Though the investigation is still in preliminary stages, there's a good case for legal action -- and it's all about the current state of antitrust legislation.

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I would have thought that if they were going to have a go at someone it would have been Amazon before, if they were worried about the legalities, not the actualy cost of books that is.

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