Apparently This Sign Was Necessary

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I wonder what the effect of that sign was, compared to one that simply said

"Please stop flipping over and defacing the books about politicians. This bookshelf is not your blog."

which it seems to me would make the same point clear about not messing with library books, without touching off partisan free-for-alls like we see in this thread.

Pretty sure this is a picture taken at a bookstore not a library.

Really...this is kind of ridiculous.

Life would be a whole lot easier and more fun if we all just made out with each other all the time.

Bill Maher said it best. American's are stupid. ANYONE who would vote for someone just by seeing a sign with their name on it deserves to be in a detention camp somewhere here. And their votes should be nullified. A minimum IQ should be needed to vote. Say 60?

The main point should be that if people are defacing the books then the bookstore needs some decent security/cctv!
This would be the same in a Library.

Can we agree that defacing books is a bad thing?

It's not hard to see why we have political problems in this country. People go straight for the vitriol.

I would like to know so I can avoid it.

How Nice of the conservatives...I would have moved all of THEIR books to the fiction section.

Lewis Black folks.

Both parties are full of idiots, and both have individuals with respectable habits and ideas. I've seen liberals and conservatives do things like this, neither side being better. Get off your thrones people.



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