Is Anyone Else Having Trouble With LISNews Captchas?


Just about all the forms on LISNews currently use a simple text Captcha for obvious reasons. Yesterday I received a report of Captcha trouble that I just can't replicate.

Is anyone else unable to make it past the Captcha challenges here on LISNews?

(If you can't make it past the Captcha on this post, or the contact form to tell me about the problems(yes, irony, I know), you can email me directly btcarver and the domain is


wait. I guess it did.

I suspect from previous use that the captcha for some reason isn't back-button compatible, but I'm not sure. It seems like sometimes I've had it fail when flipping through several screens.

Then of course, if you're too literal it'll also fail. Questions like what is the third word in a string that says.. "LITA and COLLIB work" come up frequently.

Unless this one fails!

I find it refreshes to a new word when I have used "preview" and I don't always expect that. I did it once, why should I have to do it again? I expect others have been caught in that. The word they wrote is still there and they don't notice the phrase has changed.
eta - and there was no captcha on this post!

whenever i create a suggestion for a new item, your captcha never works the first time - and i'm not great with this stuff but I'd probably get it right at least half the time. AND - it always works on the second try.

BTW - the link in the item for academic libraries and the future of scholarship - that doesn't seem to go anywhere - certainly not to the eric schnell post.

for this comment to post.

"Everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds"

-Candide by Voltaire

It is just me :-)

"Everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds"

-Candide by Voltaire

I think the main problem have it that it is case sensitive and people don't know ( yes, I know it says it, but in my experence on the circ desk, no one reads signs and instructions ), and that some of the 'words' are not words, that are acronims or what not. maybe a better set of simplier, more common words would help. I just failed at it the first time. I wonder if there is a time limit or something

I'm leaving this as Anonymous, but I'm really Blake. I turned on Mollom to see how it works now, maybe that'll help. hmm first try "We are sorry, but the spam filter on this site decided that your submission could be spam. Please fill in the CAPTCHA below to get your submission accepted."

Is that a bad sign?

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