Any Drupal Experts Out There? [Never Mind - Fixed]

Look up at the top of this page, see that \ up there?

I've suddenly started seeing a \ appear as the very first character on every page. This happened when I upgraded to 5.14
I think I've run out of ideas, and I hope it's just something obvious I'm missing.

I've tried the following
- Changed themes
- Turned off modules
- Reinstalled from scratch, though kept the DB intact
- Cleared Cache
- Grep, grep, grep and more grep

I'm hoping I don't need to down grade from 5.14 to something earlier.

[UPDATE] I did finally fix it, the random \ was in settings.php, not sure how it got there!


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you can't just edit the template?

I can see it in the source:
that's why I don't know why you can't delete it.... or does it come back when you delete it?

(sorry, I don't know about drupal)

That's What I Though

That was my first s suspect, but no, it turned out to be hidden in one of the config files.

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