Another Living Library at the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library

For the second time in 2009, the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System (Central Library) hosted a <a href="">Living Library program</a> on September 2. The Living Library is an international movement designed to bring library patrons face-to-face with living objects of prejudice and discrimination. Library patrons can "check-out" living "books" for 30 minutes of private conversation. Our "books" have included an African-American Albino, a HIV+ Gay Man, a Homeless Person, a Lesbian, a Muslim, a (new) Black Panther, a Local Politician, a Police Chief, and a Witch (Wiccan religion). In our first Living Library event last May, it was evident to all that both library patrons and "books" delighted in each other's company. Here's another story, about another Living Library event based in <a href=",1518,646298,00.html">Copenhagen Denmark</a>.
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